Ep. 257: How to use Instagram to close $50M in sales (with Shannon Gillette)

 How to Generate Leads From Instagram This Week’s Guest Is an Instagram Marketing Beast! Who should listen: Anyone who wants exceptionally good ideas and advice about how to get leads on Instagram. Key idea: Instagram marketing is most effective when the majority of your content connects with your audience on a more personal level… Read more »

"If they're not ready to sell right now, maybe they're ready in 5 years." - Lisa Harris

Ep 115: Lisa Harris – How Trade Shows Reveal a World of Hidden Leads

  Lisa Harris is a South Carolina-based real estate agent with more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience. She’s discovered an incredible opportunity to generate business at home shows, wedding shows, and even craft shows. Today on Stay Paid, Lisa explains how she uses trade shows and other events to generate leads. Key… Read more »

Donna O’Sullivan – 35-Year Insurance Veteran on Why Trust Leads to Sales

 Donna O’Sullivan knows a thing or two about insurance … and life. The consummate go-getter with an eye toward ever bigger and better things, Donna believes in running her business on the principles of honesty, trust, and loyalty—and it works. Starting from scratch and with a determined work ethic, Donna has two offices, an… Read more »

faina shapiro podcast

Ep. 251: How to Generate More Leads Using Educational Workshops (with Faina Shapiro)

 Lead-Generation Strategies Real estate agents should be offering more free educational workshops Who should listen: Anyone who has knowledge to share and is looking for opportunities to generate more leads for their business. Key idea: Offer an educational workshop and prospective clients will come to know, like, and trust you relatively quickly. The exposure… Read more »

Ep. 227: The Hidden Danger That Can Derail Your Career with Andrea Blum

 The Absolute Worst Thing You Can Do With A Script is Stick to It You’re a thinking human being, so simply because you have a script doesn’t mean you have to stop speaking like one. There are three steps to take when practicing real estate scripts that will prevent you from sounding like an… Read more »


The Future Impact of AI on the Real Estate Market

Guest blogger Abhi Golhar shares his observations and thoughts about the present and future role of AI in real estate. Artificial intelligence is proven to be one of the most major disruptors of the proptech transformation in real estate. This real estate sector is discovering how to handle the huge volumes of data that buildings… Read more »


Ep. 263: How Pull Marketing Pushed Agent Leigh Brown to #1

 How to Become More Disciplined Telling Me That Being Disciplined Requires Discipline Doesn’t Help—but the 5 Tips in This Article Do Who should listen: Real estate agents and other sales professionals looking for practical, no nonsense advice proven to generate leads and build trusting relationships with clients. Key idea: You already know what you… Read more »

Ep. 151: Jay Baer – NYT Best-Selling Author Jay Baer on Why Sales Is About Help, Not Hype

 Talk about turning marketing on its head!! Jay Baer preaches Youtility. In short, Jay wants you to give away what you know. For free. The key to getting attention, demonstrating goodwill, building trust, developing a reputation, and eventually earning back all the good things you’ve done in the form of profitable business, is by… Read more »

Ep. 212: How to Identify Your Ideal Client

 3 Ways of Finding Your Ideal Client The ability to find a customer, sell your product or service to that customer, and satisfy the customer so that he buys from you again should be the central focus of all entrepreneurial activity. The greater clarity you have with regard to your ideal customer, the more… Read more »

The Key to Your Business is Your Target Audience

Every time you go on social media or surf the web, you probably notice that the majority of the ads you see seem oddly specific to things you just searched for. This is not a coincidence. In today’s market, our choices are immense. It’s difficult for businesses to stand out, and that’s why these targeted… Read more »