Ep. 189: Maximize Your Facebook Advertising with Grant Wise

Dynamic Remarketing

How to adjust your Facebook marketing strategy to include video in your remarketing campaign and multiply lead conversions.

Here’s an intriguing question: How do you get in front of your audience without calling, texting, or emailing them?

Grant Wise is the president and co-founder of Witly, a client generation software for real estate agents. His answer is to adjust your Facebook marketing strategy to include dynamic remarketing that uses the power of video to personalize your message.

The complete Facebook marketing strategy Grant implements for his clients follows three steps:

  1. Run Facebook ads featuring homes and properties.
  2. Build brand recognition and relationships with a remarketing campaign that uses video.
  3. Create trigger ads based on prospects’ interaction with the videos.


Run Facebook ads that feature images of homes and properties

For Grant, one of the biggest mistakes agents make is featuring their portrait photo or logo on their Facebook ads.

Prospects, he says, are looking for homes online; they aren’t looking for an agent. (Most agents are hired when a prospect asks friends and family for a referral.) For Grant, leading with your brand won’t resonate with an audience if they don’t first believe they have a problem.

If you give prospects what they want (the opportunity to buy or sell a home) rather than what they need (an agent) you’ll generate interest and people will start to opt in to your mailing list.

Use dynamic remarketing with video to build relationships between your brand and your prospects

If you shop online, then no doubt you’ve visited Amazon, clicked on a product that caught your interest, and then clicked away without buying. Then for the next several days, ads for that product show up every time you’re online. It’s eerie, right?

Well, that’s Amazon using dynamic remarketing. They make sure that wherever you go on the Internet, you see ads for that product.

It’s the same strategy Grant uses when creating a Facebook marketing campaign, except instead of more ads with words, you see invitations to watch a video.

As soon as a prospect clicks an initial Facebook ad, Witley begins to follow them across the Internet with invitations to watch videos that he recommends his clients create:

  1. Behind the scenes videos that showcase the agent’s personality.
  2. Educational videos that display the agent’s authority and expertise.
  3. Social proof videos that include testimonials and recommendations.
  4. Community videos that position the agent as the local expert.


Each video is an opportunity to place your brand before a prospect without the use of a text message, email, or phone call. And for several reasons, they are highly effective at increasing the number of people who will book an appointment with you.

Videos are personal. Instead of words on a page, you see a human face with all its expressions.

Most people have an innate ability to pick up on facial cues, and we use these cues to judge whether someone is trustworthy. Video increases trust[1] (a key ingredient to the sales process) because it allows us to see these cues.

Additionally, when someone like an agent uses video to explain a topic or process, like how to stage a home for showing, it increases the viewer’s comprehension[2]. In turn, the agent is perceived as an authority.

Create trigger ads

The final step in Grant’s Facebook marketing strategy is to set criteria that will cause a “trigger ad” to appear to a prospect the next time they log on to Facebook.

If, for example, a viewer watches a video for 25 seconds (Facebook allows you to track viewing time), then the next time that viewer logs on to Facebook they will see one of Grant’s trigger ads.

The trigger ad doesn’t need to be complicated. A short and clear call-to-action is all you need. Something like this example would work well: I saw you watched my video. If you need help buying or selling a home, click the schedule button and we can talk about how I can help you.

The beauty of dynamic retargeting, videos, and trigger ads, is that it allows you to develop relationships with scale. Without additional work on your part, you can start to build trust with ever-increasing numbers of prospects that will convert to appointments. After that, your skill will win you the listing.


[1] Meryl Ayres, Why Videos Featuring Humans Are Easier to Trust, Wistia, September 14, 2017, https://wistia.com/learn/marketing/make-trustworthy-videos-with-humans.

[2] Wyzowl, The State of Video Marketing 2017, Accessed October 13, 2020, https://info.wyzowl.com/state-of-video-marketing-2017-report


Key Points

  • The intent of marketing is to leverage your audience’s desire, and convince them of their need for your product or service.
  • When deciding how to spend your marketing budget, put:
    • 60% toward lead generation
    • 30% toward building relationships
    • 10% toward conversions
  • Use the four types of branding videos to remarket leads:
    • Behind the scenes videos that showcase your personality
    • Educational videos that display your authority and expertise
    • Social proof videos that include testimonials, recommendations, user experience
    • Community videos that position you as the local expert

Action Item

Record one of the four types of branding videos and publish it on your Facebook page.


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