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Get ready to revise your podcast playlist and enjoy a weekly dose of practical marketing and sales advice from top insurance experts.

Stay Paid: Insurance & Financial Marketing, the newest podcast feed from ReminderMedia, has earned its place among the best insurance podcasts for serious agents and brokers. Hosted by Luke Acree and Josh Stike, it’s the best insurance podcast not only for providing actionable steps to help you meet the challenges of being an insurance professional but also for keeping you motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

ReminderMedia, the producer of Stay Paid: Insurance & Financial Marketing, helps insurance brokers and agents successfully grow their businesses and retain more customers. Luke, its president, and Josh, its CMO, have worked together for over 20 years. Their experience building this family-owned business and serving more than 100K clients, in addition to their uniquely entertaining chemistry, make this insurance podcast a preferred choice among agents for its engaging, authentic conversations and informative, valuable lessons.


Click to listen to David Alvarado’s interview, “How to Make Money as an Insurance Agent.” David shares the story of his rise, fall, and resurrection in the insurance industry, including the decision that turned his career around and enabled him—at age 24—to buy a new Lexus and a $400,000 home.

Whether you’re just beginning your career, starting your own agency, or aiming to accumulate generational wealth, you’ve come to the right place. With their focus on interviewing brokers who have built prosperous insurance teams and thriving agents who have realized significant success, Luke and Josh enable listeners to gain real-world insights, strategies, and advice directly from those who have achieved their dreams.

Why listen to Stay Paid, and why now?

The insurance landscape is ever-changing, creating a palpable need for fresh, up-to-date marketing and sales techniques—and that makes this top insurance podcast a critical resource for maintaining your edge.


Click to listen to John Wetmore, managing partner with Integrity Marketing Group and VP at Family First Life Agent Force, and discover a never-fails tactic that works wonders to create a self-imposed discipline within your team.

Among the recent changes is growing competition.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of insurance sales agents to grow 8% by 2032 from where it was in 2022, adding 42,500 jobs. This increase will likely lead to heightened competition for clients and commissions. To stay ahead of the pack, you need to remain informed, nimble, and in command of what works and what doesn’t.

Then there are the shifts in consumer needs and behaviors that require agents to adapt their business practices.

Like so many other industries, insurance is seeing a growing demand for personalized solutions. In response, smart companies are implementing, among other tactics, digital consumer platforms, coverage based on consumers’ specific needs and use, and telematic devices and smartphone apps that collect personalized data these companies can use to assign risk and determine premium costs. In the face of rapid change, it helps to know what may be a short-lived trend and what’s going to stick.

Click to listen to Roger Short, chief visionary officer with Impact Legacy Group and host of the Life Insurance Academy podcast, walk the talk as he describe how developing any successful brand begins with why you do what you do (and not what you do or how you do it).

And, of course, there’s the rising cost of acquiring new customers—that is, marketing.

While a 2023 study by Lob found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of marketers believe direct mail outperforms other marketing channels, including email, it’s not exactly cheap. Following the economics of supply and demand, the cost of buying leads is also getting higher (just ask anyone who’s been in the business for more than two years). Even the gasoline needed to travel to appointments is becoming progressively more expensive.

Roy Snarr has been named “Top of the Table” six times by the Million Dollar Round Table. Click to listen to his interview and find out the #1 reason that makes hosting seminars a highly successful lead-generating strategy (and how it eliminates one of the biggest obstacles to sales).

The complex challenges facing the insurance industry extend far beyond this list. Recognizing the limitations of existing solutions and the inadequacy of the “training” offered by FMOs and IMOs looking to populate their downlines, Luke and Josh founded Stay Paid: Insurance & Financial. Their mission: to deliver insightful answers from industry leaders to agents’ most pressing questions, providing practical solutions and actionable steps for success.

What you can expect from each episode

Every Wednesday, we drop a new episode that features a 30- to 40-minute interview with an insurance professional selected for their expertise and track record of success. (We’re always interested in hearing what our listeners want to know, so feel free to submit suggestions for guests and topics to Guests have breathed new life into a variety of topics, including:

We also release our Silver Dollar episodes on Thursdays, where Luke and Josh take 15–20 minutes to run down topics that will improve your business or offer inspiration to keep you motivated and moving toward your goals. You can listen to every episode of Stay Paid on your favorite platform, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

Forget complicated pitches! Click to listen as Greg Birch, president of Delta Financial Life, shares the only goal you need to achieve to consistently close deals.

The insurance podcast for serious professionals

Take control of your financial future and subscribe today. With regular access to fresh insights, strategies that keep you ahead of the curve, actionable tactics you can implement immediately, and free downloadable e-books, webinars, and more from ReminderMedia’s Resource Library, Stay Paid: Insurance & Financial will soon become your favorite among the best podcasts for insurance agents.

Get sound, practical information and a ton of golden nuggets from some of the best brokers and agents in the business. We encourage you to listen, leave a five-star review and your comments, and share the podcast with fellow agents and brokers.

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