Ep. 486: How to Forge a Legendary Brand Using the Potency of Stories

“People Don’t Buy What You Do. They Buy Why You Do It.”

~ Simon Sinek, leadership expert and author

Authentic, detailed, and well-crafted stories leave an emotional impression on your audience that is more persuasive and longer lasting than simple facts.

Roger Short believes, as he says in his Stay Paid interview, he is meant to live “an expansive life.” In part, that means he needs to do work that matters—it’s why he switched his career to life insurance, moved his young family from Canada to the United States, and started a new company that eventually merged with another to form Impact Legacy Group.

During his interview, Roger shares several stories, including one about the event that led him to see selling life insurance as meaningful work. It explains why he does what he does—and that why infuses every action he takes as his company’s chief visionary officer, as the host of the Life Insurance Academy podcast, and as an active YouTube video and social media content creator.

We won’t recount it here because we wouldn’t do it justice. You need to hear the emotion in Roger’s voice—his pacing, choice of words, and passion—to understand why storytelling is one of the most powerful means humans have for persuading others. Listen, and you’ll realize why developing a brand that begins with why you do what you do (and not what you do or how you do it) is the key to any business’s success.

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