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“I've gotten new referrals from the magazine. They are very happy to have someone going above and beyond by sending a piece like this.”
– Anthony LaRocca

Marketing for Financial Professionals

Connect with your clients and prospects on a regular basis by sending them a free bimonthly subscription to your very own personally branded magazine!

A Game Changer for Financial Advisors

How do you get more new clients as a Financial Service professional?

Ask any marketing expert or experienced advisor, and the top 2 answers they will likely give you are: Referrals and Networking.

These are the top two areas advisors should be focusing their marketing on for the most lucrative return on investment.

Unfortunately, most financial advisors don’t have a marketing system in place that is optimized and focused on those areas.

That’s why our magazine system is such a game changer for many advisors!

Here’s how simple it is.

* STEP 1: Give your clients and most valuable contacts a bimonthly subscription to your own professional publication. (We do this for you for just $4.99 per recipient!)

* STEP 2: Call your recipients and ask what they thought of your latest issue. (They’ll LOVE it! The quality of our magazines rivals the highest quality mainstream publications and are meticulously crafted to be enjoyed by your recipients. )

* STEP 3: Have a conversation. Tell them how you truly appreciate them as a client and how you would love to work with more clients like them. Ask if they know anyone they could introduce you to… (CEOs know other CEOs, Doctors know other doctors, etc.)

It’s really that simple.

And, it works SO WELL!

Also, unlike most other marketing systems advisors use, our system is truly TURNKEY. All we need is your photo and branding for customizing the magazines and your list of recipients.

Just try one mailing to see for yourself how powerful focusing your marketing in the right area can be.

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“I’m very happy with ReminderMedia’s customizable publications. I’ve sent it to a few prospects that have called to discuss the magazine and have gone on to sign up with me. At this point, I’ve gotten so much business, ReminderMedia marketing has already paid for itself.”

– Larry Moss

Securities Service Network

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“My clients love this magazine and tell me they try out all of the recipes. They also enjoy that the magazine has nothing to do with my business, but has everything to do with what they might want to know about art, design, cooking, and travel. ReminderMedia helps me create raving fans.”

– Anne Spinks

Nevotti Spinks Asset Management

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“My company and I will be clients of ReminderMedia for a long time. I will be increasing my mailing every time around because of how great the product is.”

– Daniel Sipe

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. – Lee, Sipe, and Associates

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“I have never had such good service from a company. Even the Ritz could learn from you, ReminderMedia. My clients look forward to receiving your magazine.”

– Mace Barry Tamse

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Ways Financial Professionals Use Our Products...

Mail to Clients

Nurture your relationships with your clients on autopilot with a classy personalized touchpoint that is appreciated as a gift.

Use at Networking Events

These magazines are always a huge hit at networking events. They make you look impressive and give you an easy way to standout from all the business cards.

Leave in Local Business Lobbies

Leave copies of your publication at luxury car dealerships, doctors offices, etc. It's an incredible way to build your brand and network with local businesses at the same time.

Mail to Top Prospects

Have a prospect you really want to impress? These magazines are a perfect marketing piece to help you standout from the competition.

9 Articles Per Issue

Each new magazine issue contains 9-10 professionally written and designed articles, crafted to entertain, inspire, educate, and engage your recipients.

9 Articles Per Issue

Each new magazine issue contains 9-10 professionally written and designed articles, crafted to entertain, inspire, educate, and engage your recipients.

We want you to compare us to the competition. We have dedicated over two decades to crafting and refining the ultimate marketing tools for generating deals from your network and we are confident we are by far the best value.

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“I have subscribed to American Lifestyle magazine for a few years now, and my clients tell me they have to flip a coin in their household to see who gets to read it first. I sent it to two clients who did not follow me when I moved firms; and within two years, both clients came over, and they said it was all because of the magazine!”

Judy Steele
First Allied Securities

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“American Lifestyle magazine hits it out of the park! When I see my neighbors, the first thing they ask is when the next issue is going to be mailed.If you are a small-business owner looking to maximize your advertising dollars and hit your target audience, American Lifestyle should be part of your marketing mix.”

Terry Gahagan
Personal Financial Representative - Allstate

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The magazine is a very professional and classy way to stay in touch with your clients. The clients love the recipes and travel tips. I highly recommend this magazine for anyone in this business.

Richard A. Waldrep
Registered Principal, Foothills Wealth Management

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This magazine has led to number of cases of getting new money placed under management from existing clients.

Michael Lynch, CFP®
Wealth Manager, Mike Lynch, Inc.

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It’s a differentiator for my firm!

Kevin Reperowitz, CFP™
Principal Advisor, Owner, Sage Financial Group

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We have received many compliments about the magazine from our clients and it provides a great added value! One more quality touch.

Steve Stringberg
Account Manager, Waddell & Reed

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Out of the Financial Advisors using American Lifestyle magazine for recruiting or retaining clients, 66% of them are in the top 200 of ProEquities advisors and 48% of them are in the top 100! Get onboard soon to join these ranks of successful financial planners! A good idea can certainly help!

Ellen Michael
Director of Marketing, Proequities

Ready to have the highest quality touchpoint going out to your most important relationships?

More importantly, ready to start getting more consistent referrals and new clients from your network in 2024?

Yes! Make me look amazing!
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