Training Instagram to Bring You More Local Leads

How to Attract Local Leads on Instagram

Find the best tips for leveraging Instagram’s power to generate local real estate leads. Discover the essential first step, your content sweet spot, and the mistake most agents make that stymies their efforts.

Have you ever learned a simple but oh-so-smart tactic that you just had to share with your team and colleagues? That’s exactly what happened to us this week on Stay Paid. Tamany Hall, owner of the Simple Touches, dropped a truth bomb that helped Luke understand why he isn’t finding the success he wants on Instagram.

Here’s the shocker: how you use Instagram for personal pleasure (liking, commenting, following, and sharing fun stuff) can seriously hurt how well it supports your lead generation efforts. Tamany doesn’t just leave you hanging though—she explains how to avoid such a blunder and shares a treasure trove of Golden Nuggets on optimizing Instagram to attract local leads.

Have we got your attention? Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The absolute MUST-DO first step to attracting the right followers (and future clients) on social media.
  • A tactic that can help you determine the type of content you’re uniquely qualified to provide.
  • An easy method to move leads through your sales funnel, even if you’re a complete newbie when it comes to using Instagram for lead generation.

Join us to learn these secrets, and watch how Instagram can flood your funnel with qualified leads.

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