Ep. 422: How to Make Money As an Insurance Agent (with David Alvarado)

Are You Committed or Merely Interested?

Key idea: Fully commit to doing what is necessary, being coachable, and learning from everyone, and you can’t help but be successful. What’s required may not be easy, but it’s not complicated.

When things don’t go the way we want them to go, it’s easy to place the blame on things external to ourselves. For example, when you aren’t closing sales, it’s tempting to point a finger and complain about poor leads, inadequate scripts, or prospects’ general unavailability due to the day of the week, the time of year, or the current holiday. But what if someone told you (in no uncertain terms) that you were the problem?

That’s exactly what happened to David Alvarado, a now successful producer and agency owner and this week’s guest on Stay Paid. It was, as he describes it, “a punch in the gut” to be told his failure was all his own. But it was also what he needed to hear to turn himself around and move from being merely interested in a career in insurance to being committed to becoming a successful producer.

Listen to this episode and, in addition to hearing David’s story, you’ll discover his thoughts about how new agents can shorten their learning curve and agency owners can spot, recruit, and retain top agents. It’s an interview rich with inspiration and practical advice that anyone who is less than satisfied with their progress will benefit from hearing.

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