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It’s June, which means summer is just around the corner.

Many of your clients (and would-be clients) are gearing up for fun, warm weather activities such as cookouts, picnics, and outdoor community events—all of which are great opportunities for you to get in some valuable facetime and grow awareness of your business.

Many other people in your community will be traveling over the summer, which means it will be harder to make those connections your business needs to thrive.

In either case, you’ll still have plenty of chances to increase mindshare in your community and drive more sales in the months to come. Keep reading for five ways you can keep your business top of mind this summer.

Host a picnic or backyard BBQ.

One of the best ways to build good feelings around you and your business is to host a free event for your clients and/or prospects. Depending on your budget, you can either rent a location or host something at your own place. As an added bonus, the nice weather opens up new venue possibilities (e.g. parks or picnic pavilions).

When you host a summer event, you’re creating an organic opportunity to spend quality time with many people at once. With that in mind, you shouldn’t focus entirely on your business. Instead, serve delicious food, maybe play a few party games, and, above all else, mingle with your guests. Be sure to thank everyone who attends personally, and remind them how much you appreciate your relationship with them.

When summer inevitably draws to a close, your guests will remember what a great time they had at your get-together. And, when they do, they’ll naturally associate those good feelings with your business.

Network at community events.

If you don’t have the resources to host a party, that’s not a problem. It’s very likely that your community already has a few events planned for this summer. For example, there might be parades, local sporting events, and farmer’s markets full of people who might need an agent or advisor.

By getting out to those events, you’re able to get to know your neighbors on a human level. As you get to know them, the question of what you do is bound to come up. When it does, you’re increasing mindshare and increasing the likelihood you’ll win their business (or the business of someone they know).

Be sure to bring a branded item for your new connections to take with them. This might be a fun summer item like a koozie or a Frisbee, or, if you’re a ReminderMedia customer, a promotional copy of your customized magazine. On that note…

Send the American Lifestyle digital edition.

Many real estate agents keep in touch with their clients by sending out direct mail pieces like postcards or market reports. While these print items do tend to make an impact, they won’t do much good when your clients are away for long periods of time.

Email newsletters are an excellent way to keep in touch—and stay top of mind—with valued clients at any time of the year. ReminderMedia customers can take their email communications to the next level by sending a copy of the American Lifestyle digital edition. It’s full of amazing content that your clients will love.

Plus, the digital edition offers built-in opportunities for following up during a season when it’s not practical to connect with your clients in person. Try sending a text message asking your client how they liked a specific article. The extra effort you put in won’t go unnoticed.

Text clients about their summer vacation.

Since there’s no set time when everyone takes their summer vacation, you’ll want to find out about your clients’ plans ahead of time.

Download a PDF sample of American Lifestyle to stay in touch with past clients.

Call, email, or text your clients to let them know you’re thinking about them and that you hope they have something fun in the works this summer. Then, make a note of what they tell you and be prepared to act on it.

If you find out one of your most valued clients is going to Disney World in July, you can record that information in your CRM. Then, in August, you can follow up with a text message asking how the trip was. How was the weather? Did the kids get to meet Mickey Mouse?

When you have these kinds of conversations, you’re building rapport and keeping yourself top of mind with the customers who matter most.

Share great content on social media.

Even when your clients are on vacation, they’ll still be checking in on social media to share status updates and post photos. When they do this, they’ll also be scrolling through posts from their family and friends. Take advantage of this by posting compelling content to your Facebook business page or personal profile.

When you share useful, interesting, or entertaining content on social media, you put a human face on your brand. You also remind your client that you’re out there—ready to help them with anything they might need in the future.

ReminderMedia customers can easily share articles and recipes from American Lifestyle or Start Healthy magazine via their account interface. Watch this short video to find out how.

At the end of the day (and in summer, those days can be extra long), your business will be that much more prominent when you go out of your way to offer value and maintain connections.

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