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Stay Top of Mind With Your Most Valued Patients

Connect with patients on a relationship level to increase patient retention and the consistency of patient visits with Start Healthy magazine.

Why use Start Healthy? Every dental practice knows that the secret to a successful business is a strong patient base. Staying in front of those who matter the most on a consistent basis makes all of the difference. Start Healthy is a turnkey solution that allows you to not only connect with current and prospective patients on a relationship level, but also differentiates your practice from others. The high-quality content and beautiful design of the magazine ensure that each issue is not only read, but it is shared, displayed, and read again and again. Take a look at the sample magazine directly below. Or, better yet, request a free, no-obligation sample so you can feel the quality of the magazine for yourself. Also, feel free to give us a call at 866-458-4226 with any questions that you have.

Experience the quality of Start Healthy magazine for yourself.

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  • Front Cover

    Covers may consist of four beautiful photos from inside of the magazine or one large image that features your personal photo, logo, and business info prominently. Your magazines are addressed “Compliments of you,” so American Lifestyle always appears to come straight from your desk to theirs.

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  • Front Inside Cover

    Each issue features a letter on the Front Inside Cover that is tailored to that specific issue. As a sender, you are free to use our letter as a starting point, or replace it with your own personally written message. As always, your letter is addressed directly to the person receiving the magazine.

  • Quality Content

    American Lifestyle is jam-packed with riveting articles to engage readers. This 48-page publication features seven new articles in every issue, with each editorial presented in an aesthetically pleasing, high quality format.

  • Tear Out Cards

    Each magazine features delicious recipes on handy Tear Out Cards that are perfect for passing your info along. But Tear Out Cards don’t have to just be recipes—choose from hundreds of cards in many categories, or create your own designs! Keep things fresh by changing the Tear Out Cards every issue.

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  • Back Inside Cover

    This is your publication. Take advantage of the prime advertising space, and publish an ad for your business. Use that space to drive traffic to your website, promote an event or a seasonal sale, make an announcement, or just get the word out about some great services that you offer.

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  • Back Cover

    With all of the options in American Lifestyle, you can even give some ad space to a favored partner or sell that valuable exposure to offset your costs. For your convenience, we’ll bill them so you don’t have to. Split the page into two, three, four, or more ads. Our artists can help you with creating your ad.

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