5 Tips Dentists Can Use to Revitalize Their Spring Marketing


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As the dreariness of winter comes to a close and gives way to flowers and sunshine, you may start feeling inspired to think up a brand new marketing plan for your practice. Both current and prospective patients are also starting to shed the seasonal blue’s, and are looking to check things off their list, like going to the dentist. Grab the attention of patients even faster with these spring dental marketing tips.

Pay attention to current events

You probably already know that April is National Oral Cancer Awareness Month. This is a perfect opportunity to remind patients to get their annual check-up scheduled. Send out postcards prompting them to call a month to six weeks in advance, adding bright, colorful floral imagery to get them in the appointment-making mood. Put reminders on an office calendar to remind the practice of any other national days or months on the horizon.


Add a spring touch to appointment reminders

Appointment reminder calls, texts, or emails are important. People have a lot going on, and without that reminder, they could end up working late, not setting their alarm for the right time, or forgetting for numerous other reasons. People rely on these reminders, so be sure to add a little more effort to your usual plan this season. Start Healthy magazine is also a great marketing tool to keep your practice top-of-mind for potential patients.

Text reminder example: As April showers come around, schedule a check-up just in time for May flowers to bloom.


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Up your social media game

Social media is a great way to leverage business old and new. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—there’s a way to reach people from many demographics. If you want to bring in more millennials, develop an Instagram strategy. If you’re targeting retirees, think about how Facebook can help your practice.


Add an incentive

Everyone loves a good deal, and dental practices are no different. Offer a product discount if they schedule an appointment for spring or summer. This could easily bring in people who have been forgetting to make an appointment or putting it off.

Learn your options with video

Video is all the rage in marketing right now. It’s proving to be a great tool to get people’s attention and to keep them around for the long haul. This can also assist in forming stronger relationships with patients and prospective patients. Make a video showcasing your practice, or have a professional provide dental tips for keeping your teeth clean on a daily basis. When trying to up your marketing plan, video is the route to take in 2018.

Dental marketing doesn’t have to be a difficult part of running a successful practice. Utilize these tips to spring into a marketing plan that works.

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