No-Brainer Networking Tips for Dentists


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Ah, networking. To many—especially those who aren’t a fan of social situations—networking might make your palms sweat? However, in the dental industry, forging relationships with local like-minded professionals can provide a wide variety of benefits.

Sure, reducing the number of cancellations and no-shows is important, but so is having an influx of new patients. This is where networking can come into play. Not only does networking drastically increase your marketing efforts, it can also help to build the type of relationships that will be mutually beneficial for years to come.

But where should you network?

In short, anywhere and everywhere! The options for networking are endless. No, we’re not saying that you should try to connect with the person behind you in line at the grocery store, just that you shouldn’t be opposed to taking advantage of the right opportunities.

Below are few different places where dentists can network, successfully.

Chamber of Commerce

Aren’t a member? You may want to reconsider! Your local Chamber of Commerce is a goldmine for networking opportunities. In fact, the majority of Chambers offer a variety of activities that are designed for business professionals to connect and build profitable relationships. From luncheons to annual gatherings, you can’t go wrong with any of these events.

Local events  

From farmer’s markets to street fairs, the spring months mean an abundance of local events. Consider becoming a sponsor and hosting a booth. Not only will these types of events help you connect with the public, but there are bound to be other business professionals present. You can swap contact information, and create longstanding relationships.

Healthcare Professional Associations and Organizations  

Like the Chamber of Commerce, Healthcare Professionals Associations and Organizations are designed with one mission in mind—serving the healthcare industry and the interests of professionals in healthcare. There are a wide variety of groups to choose from, just be sure to select one that’s within your geographic region so you can easily connect with other members.

Social media groups

You didn’t think we’d leave social media out, did you? Not only does utilizing social media help you build your brand and connect with your patients, it also opens the door to networking with other business professionals. Both Facebook and LinkedIn offer free groups for like-minded professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, and make business contacts—the ultimate networking opportunity.

At the end of the day, networking allows you to connect with those who matter the most and is a relatively painless and necessary feat to take your practice to the next level.

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