3 Ways to Own Waiting Rooms with Your Promo Copies


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Sure, we all know that your core clients and sphere of influence should be the first people you add to your mailing list. But what if you’re trying to drum up new business? Or what if you’re trying to break into a new community and desperately need to get your name out there? Enter promotional copies.

For starters, promotional copies are an invaluable compliment to your existing magazine order. They are copies customized to you, but unlike your mailing list copies, promotional copies are not addressed to anyone specifically. This gives you the flexibility to leave your magazines wherever you please, greatly maximizing your advertising and branding efforts.

But, why a waiting room?

When you have an appointment and you’re stuck in the waiting room for what feels like hours, what do you do? Normally you thumb through the magazines on the nearest coffee table. Leaving your promotional copies in the waiting room of high foot traffic offices—doctors, dentists, or hairdressers—is like introducing yourself to everyone who walks through the door. Patients and clients will become familiar with your services which could result in more business for you.

While leaving your promotional copies in a waiting room seems like a relatively simple feat, there’s a few things to keep in mind in order to maximize your efforts.

Make a scene. 

Let’s face it: offices are notoriously quiet. So much so that the last thing you want to do is a draw attention to yourself when you drop off your promotional copies, but causing a scene is exactly what you should be doing. Letting people know that you’re dropping off something of value can spark interest and intrigue them to take a look. Just remember: you’ll always want to check with the front desk before you leave your copies.

Highlight the local aspect.

Local businesses stick together, right? When you speak with the front desk, be sure to highlight your desire to promote other local business owners. Meaning that if they allow you to leave your promotional copies, you’ll take their business card, and share their services with your network. You’ll be surprised at how much this simple action can help to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the office. You might even spark a partnership, and have them advertise in your magazine.

Include a desirable takeaway.   

Tear out cards are the bread and butter of your magazine. And when it comes to choosing your tear out cards for your promotional copies, be sure to choose wisely. Consider selecting a delicious recipe or a timeless craft. You can even go as far as partnering with a local restaurant, and working with our Creative Services department to create a coupon. Including a desirable takeaway will compel patients and clients to take the tear out card with them that includes your contact information.


At the end of the day, waiting rooms and promotional copies make a winning combination that you don’t want to miss out on.

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