The Winning Social Media Formula


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As an agent, being active on social media can be vital to your success. While sharing a picture of your latest listing is simple, developing a valuable strategy requires a little patience and a lot of knowledge about your target audience. Combining who you’re intended clients are with the benefits of each social platform will create the type of plan that garners results.

Step One: Take a look at your book.  

This first step is quite possibly the most important. In the social media world, your book of business translates to your target audience. Dig deep into your past and current clients—even your leads. If your database primarily consists of millennials who are in search of their first home, then the next two steps will be geared towards this sect. In fact, your target audience has the snowball effect, in which your future efforts will continue to build off of.

 Step Two: Create the right type of content.  

We can’t stress the importance of creating the right type of content. But, what do we mean by right? Sure, your content should be engaging, but it also has to be appealing. It should speak to your audience. For instance, first-time homebuyers are going to naturally gravitate more toward finance-related pieces, or a general timeline of buying. Content that resonates more with your audience will garner higher engagement, and, in turn, establish you as a thought leader within the industry.

Step Three: Pick the ideal platform.

From Facebook to Instagram, it seems as if the social platform options are endless nowadays. But, there’s a reason that this is the last step. Before you create an account on every platform, you need to consider your audience. If you’re intending to reach a younger generation (i.e. first-time homebuyers) photo and video sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat tend to work better. On the contrary, if you are targeting an older generation, focus on a platform like Facebook.

Like any other type of marketing, perfecting your social media plan will take trial and error. However, these three steps will help you to establish the groundwork of a winning formula.

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