Top 12 Home Blogs to Share with Clients This Fall

When you’re a real estate agent looking to use social media to build client relationships, you want to keep engagement up while making sure your business remains top of mind.

Of course, that can be a tough balance to strike. The key is to offer relevant content that doesn’t feel overly salesy. While you don’t want to hit people over the head with constant sales pitches, you can nudge them in the direction of buying or selling by offering valuable content.

To help you take advantage of the fall real estate market, we’ve put together a list of 12 home and interior design blogs that will get your followers to think of you whenever they think of real estate (and vice versa).

Share these blogs on the social media platform of your choice. If you’re not sure how to share, watch this quick video tutorial. (And, if you need a little help writing captions, feel free to borrow from the sample we’ve included below.)

Selling Your Home? Declutter First!

Staging and Decluttering

Sample copy: “#DidYouKnow? Cleaning up your home won’t just help your home sell faster—it might actually fetch you a higher price!”

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$100 Home Makeover ideas

Room Makeover

Sample copy: “Fun fact: interior design doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to take a ton of time.”

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Take Your Décor from Summer to Fall

Fall Décor

Sample copy: “As the warm weather gives way to autumn chill, use some of these ideas to add a seasonal flair to your home.”

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Smart Irrigation for Your Home

Smart Irrigation

Sample copy: “Stop wasting money (and water) keeping your front lawn hydrated! Try this system instead.”

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4 Reasons to Buy a Home During the Fall

Sample copy: “Wondering whether now might be the right time to buy? Check out this blog to learn some of the pros.”

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8 Easy Ways to Eliminate Pet Odors from Your Home

Eliminate Pet Odors

Sample copy: “Whether you’re hosting an open house or simply looking to entertain, you’ll want to make sure your home smells fresh and clean.”

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Trash vs. Recycle: Do You Know When to Trash It?

Trash vs. Recycle

Sample copy: “It can be tricky knowing what to recycle and what to throw away, so you might want to bookmark this one.”

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Home Security Tips You Should Already Be Doing

Home Security Tips

Sample copy: “It’s never too late to take extra steps to make your home a little bit safer!”

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Prepping Your Pool to Sell

Prepping Your Pool

Sample copy: “A well-maintained pool can be a huge asset when you’re looking to sell. Follow these tips to keep yours looking amazing.”

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How to Use White in Your Home After Labor Day

White in Your Home After Labor Day

Sample copy: “You might choose to avoid wearing white after Labor Day, but your home shouldn’t be held to those same fashion standards.”

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10 Top Traits of Good Neighbors

Good Neighbor Tips

Sample copy: “We could all stand to be a little better to those around us. What do YOU think makes for a good neighbor?”

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How to Prevent Mold in Your Home

How to Prevent Mold

Sample copy: “Mold: it’s a word that strikes fear into the heart of homeowners everywhere. Follow these tips to keep it out of your home.”

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Now that you have plenty of relevant content to share, you can work on using social media to build stronger relationships with your clients and prospects alike.

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