3 Tips for Hosting a Stellar Open House


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The open house has long been one of the most important marketing events for real-estate agents.  Not only does hosting an open house help market the listing to potential buyers, but it also helps the agent get their name out there—marketing themselves as a friend and expert to the community.  It presents the house that’s for sale, but it also gives an agent a chance to familiarize themselves with the wants and needs of other potential clients.

But a quick Sunday drive around any community can reveal a glut of open houses. How can agents stand out from the competition to host a memorable—and fruitful—open house?

1. Be Unique

The most typical parting gift you’ll find at an open house is a listing flyer or business card, not much of a gift really. What type of impression does this leave with potential clients? It’s not uncommon for serious buyers to tour several open houses in a weekend. When they take a stack of flyers or business cards home, will yours stand out from the crowd? What will they remember about the house—or about you?  Having a trademark gift, particularly something useful, can make all the difference.

To really stand out at your next open house, be unique. Give them something of substance to take home. Maybe that means a personally-branded copy of American Lifestyle Magazine.  It has something for everyone and recipients appreciate a gift that offers more than just your contact information. Perhaps you create a folder that contains information on the home, comparable homes, the community, yourself, and local lenders—everything they need to take the next step. Just remember to be memorable!

2. Be Smart

As we mentioned, the open house isn’t always about selling the listing. Sometimes it’s about meeting potential buyers, showing your value, and turning them into clients down the road. Always think long term.

Use the open house as an opportunity to expand your sphere of influence by working to get the contact information of every visitor—and be sure to add it to your CRM after the open house.

Follow up afterward with more information about the property and the neighborhood, as well as other valuable touches throughout the course of the following weeks and months. This is where a great drip marketing campaign can keep you top-of-mind so your open house visitors think of you when they’re ready to buy or sell.

3. Be Prepared

Open house visitors are counting on you to be their guide on everything from the market value of the home to the best place to grab a bite to eat. Make sure you’re prepared with everything you may need to answer a potential client’s questions. Know a little about a lot because the perfect anecdote can break down barriers and build rapport.

This means being well-versed on the neighborhood, the home, comparable properties, and more. It also means being a resource for all things home buying. From lenders and closing attorneys to movers, storage companies, handymen, and furniture stores—make yourself stand out by having the answers before the question arises.

Keeping momentum strong

Open houses are a goldmine of opportunity—but the real opportunity lies in the follow-up. When you successfully gather visitors’ email addresses and start a drip marketing campaign that keeps you top of mind, your chances of converting them into clients will grow rapidly.

Learn how American Lifestyle Magazine can help you stand out at your next open house and keep you top of mind issue after issue! Reach out to our team today. 

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