3 Sales Tips for Building Relationships on Social Media


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To build a relationship with a stranger, start with the foundation

Sales is all about making the right connections. If you want to convert a prospect into a client, a genuine relationship must be forged from the get-go. However, just like any other type of relationship, a strong foundation is needed to build a valuable connection.

But, how are you supposed to connect with a mere stranger? Simple. By taking a deep dive into the wonderful world of social media.

While the majority of information on social media is readily accessible, there are a few things to take into consideration before you search for your prospect’s profile.

1. Tread lightly

There’s a sizeable difference between stalking and researching. Even if their profile is public, it’s best to avoid mentioning anything too personal. Asking them if they had a nice time at dinner the previous night is creepy, and could rub the prospect the wrong way. Instead, aim to discover their general interests and business goals. Learning this type of information can help you steer the conversation in a way that will appeal to them.

2. Extend your effort

If you’ve been going back and forth with a prospect, and are still in the process of nurturing the relationship, don’t be afraid to connect via social media. LinkedIn is an ideal platform that can help to develop valuable professional relationships. Once you’ve connected with your prospect, don’t stop there! Take the time to meander around their page, and determine if it would be worthwhile to send a message to any of their connections.

3. Stay in touch

If you’re unable to convert the prospect to a client, there’s no reason to cut all social ties. Salespeople are notoriously resilient, and you’re no different. Stay connected, and continue to share valuable content that subtly reminds them of your product. The tides may even turn, and your social media presence could end up being the slight nudge that they needed to revisit their initial decision.

When it comes to prospecting, the social media world is your oyster. Just remember to creep with a purpose!

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