How to Build Authentic Relationships on Social Media


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We all know that using social media for business purposes is beneficial, but what type of content should we be sharing?

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Luke provides three tips to help you create personal content and build authentic relationships in the process.

Video Transcription

Alright guys, so being authentic is one of the keys to sales. It’s really one of the keys to grow in your business. You gotta be authentic with your clients and with your relationships, because I’m a firm believer that every deal that’s ever closed is on the backbone of a relationship.

And that means people have to know you, like you, and trust you. And they’re only gonna know, like, and trust you if you’re an authentic person. And social media is a way you can build relationships with people but often I hear, “Luke I’m just not sure what toshare on social media, how much should I actually reveal to my clients, to my prospects?” So I want to give you guys three things you should be sharing and doing on social media to help you build more authentic relationships.

Number one

The first is, share about your passions and your hobbies. See, people want to know what you’re interested in. So for me for example, I actually grew up, I was home-schooled, and I grew up playing music four hours a day. That’s interesting to people. If I’m posting about my love for music or me playing guitar that’s gonna attract people because not only do they maybe love music, but they get entertained by it. It gives them a window into who I am it shows them my passions and builds that likeability and that trust.

Number two

Second thing you can do on social media is you can go live. See, the thing with social media that’s so difficult for people when they first get started is, they just don’t know how to create content. Don’t think about it as creating think about it as documenting. Literally go live during your day whether you’re in the car headed to an open house, or even at your open house. If you’re a real estate agent, go live and just document your day, because that’s authentic. That’s really who you are and it gives people a window into seeing your life as it
really is.

Number three

And then third which i think is the most important to really add that authenticity is share your vulnerabilities and your struggles. There’s nothing that will connect you more to another human being than being vulnerable and sharing your struggles, because chances are they either go through the same struggle themselves or know somebody that has been through that struggle and it’s something you can bond over and really just connect and build that authentic relationship.

The takeaway

So there you guys have it. There are three things that you can do on your social media today to be more authentic to really help you build relationships, because as you build relationships then you build more clients, and ultimately you’re closing more deals from those clients.

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