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Real estate farming is an excellent method for reaching a focused group of new clients. Whether you’re aiming to farm the residents of a specific zip code or focusing on smaller demographics, it’s a good idea to lean on technology whenever possible. Thankfully, Facebook is a helpful tool for real estate farming.


You’ll want to research the types of homes that people have been purchasing in the areas you’re considering targeting. Look into the price and style of homes that people have purchased in the area for the past few years. You also need to consider broader qualities of the area you’d like to target, including typical transportation methods, businesses, and entertainment.

Make sure to also investigate the competing agents in the area so that you have an idea of whether or not another agent is already farming there. If another real estate agent already dominates one of your potential target markets, you can choose another that may be more receptive to your business. It’s essential to get a feel for the area you’d like to farm so that you can refine your options when choosing a segment to target with your farming.

Choosing a target

You’ve likely chosen to farm a subset of your own community. You’re already familiar with your community and have a social network there. Also, there’s a good chance you already sell homes close to where you live. If you’re looking for new clients and want to target a specific subset of the population in the general area where you typically sell, consider your options. You can target first-time home buyers, buyers looking to downsize, etc. Base this decision on the research you’ve already conducted. Choose your target based on the types of sales that seem to be prevalent in your community right now.

Creating a Facebook group  

Create a Facebook group that potential buyers and sellers can join. You’ll want to make sure to include keywords that will draw your target market to like your group. If you use popular street names or the town name for the location where you’re trying to sell, potential new clients are more likely to find it. Make sure that your group’s “about” section is complete with a thorough business profile. People are more likely to trust you and spend more time on your page if they have background information about you. You should also fill the group with photos of homes and listings in the area.

Optimize your business profile

Your Facebook business page should only include professional content. Avoid sharing articles or media that reveal political or religious opinions, as these posts could deter potential clients who have different views than you do. Post information about home buying and selling, mortgages and anything else you feel could benefit your potential clients. Make sure to also like the pages for businesses and shops in the area you want to farm. This will help get your name out there and shows that you’re invested in helping the community. It’s important to respond to messages promptly, as well.

Asking for testimonials

When people are getting ready to buy, they are likely to ask other consumers for their opinions of a business. Reach out to your past clients and see if they’d be willing to put together written or verbal testimonials. Once they provide those testimonials to you, post them to your professional Facebook page. Visitors to this page will want to see how your service has helped others in the past, and testimonials will help build your credibility. The people featured in the testimonials can talk about how you helped them through their buying or selling process, or they can even discuss the experiences they’ve had living in their new home and neighborhood.

Targeted Ads

If you’re willing to spend the money, it can be helpful to develop a Facebook ad geared toward your target market. Once someone sees your ad, they’re more likely to take the time to consider you for their real estate needs. When developing the ad, consider who you’re trying to reach. Facebook gives you an abundance of categories that you can choose from when selecting groups. If you’ve done enough research on your target market, you should be able to describe them in enough detail for your ads to reach them. These ads will help increase traffic to your page and, in time, generate leads.

Facebook farming is a useful tool to help you get leads in the real estate area you want to dominate. It allows you to connect with potential clients in a fast, effective way. Facebook should play a major role in your farming efforts.

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