How to Leverage Social Media for Testimonials


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Testimonials are the backbone of an industry. Knowing how to ask for a review without sounding like a burden can do wonders for your business.

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Andrea provides three tips to help you utilize social media to capture testimonials.

Video Transcription

A good testimonial has the power to turn skeptics into believers, but how are you supposed to ask for a review for your business without sounding like a burden? I’m going to go over three ways to use social media to do just that.

Testimonials can be hard to come by if you’re just not sure where to get them from. My three tips for social media will help you do just that.

Number one

First things first turn on your Facebook recommendations. It’s hard to get a testimonial if you don’t allow a place to leave them. This is a great way to allow for organic testimonials, but also show off existing ones for potential clients.

Number two

My second tip for you today is to ask, then feature. One great way to encourage reviews online is to use Instagram stories. You can take any existing reviews that you have from any platform, Facebook, Google, and email that you’ve received or even take a picture of a handwritten note. Take a picture of that, and put it right on your Instagram stories. This way you’re encouraging people by shouting them out, who give you reviews.

Number three

My last tip for you today is to respond, and improve. With your new influx of testimonials, you’ll receive great ones, but you may receive a few bad ones as well. Make sure you’re responding to both the good and also the negative ones to make sure that people know you’re taking your business seriously. The negative ones give you an opportunity to control the outcome, so take those negative ones spin them into a positive, but more importantly just make sure you’re responding to everyone.

The takeaway

So those are my three tips for you today. If you enjoyed that, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly take action on that today!

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