6 Ways You Can Get More Leads on Facebook

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With so many users active on Facebook, there is no shortage of opportunity when it comes to finding leads. Not surprisingly, a lot of people see why Facebook is a great place for making connections. As a result, you’ll have to differentiate yourself in a number of ways in order to stand out and make an impact.

Though it will take a certain degree of your own creativity, Facebook does have systems in place to help guide you along the way in getting leads. With a little attention to detail—and some help from Facebook’s template—you’ll be making progress in no time.

Make your objective clear

Facebook has different algorithms (called objective) in place depending on exactly how you’re trying to market yourself. In this case, you’ll of course want to check off the “Lead generation” box in order to most effectively target your advertisements.

Know your audience

No matter how specific or broad, by telling Facebook even the most basic information about those who you’re targeting, you can filter out accounts that your ads will be wasted on. The types of ad targeting you use can be as broad as age and gender or can get extremely precise. There are countless demographics which Facebook allows you to narrow your audience by. This is useful, but make sure to avoid being so overly specific in your criteria that you have certain accounts accidentally overlooked.

If you’re in the real estate industry, for instance, do your best to narrow your reach based on the kind of demographics you’d expect from a potential buyer or someone selling a home. For even more information regarding maximizing Facebook as a real estate agent, check out this ReminderMedia blog.

Plan your approach

Facebook will offer you the option of doing a single image, a photo carousel, a single video, or a slideshow. All of these can be extremely effective. Depending on the business you’re in, each has different benefits and a chance at leaving you with high levels of engagement. When working with photo or video, consider the layout of Facebook and how your image will stand out from the traditional white and blue Facebook layout.

Include a call to action

The beauty of the internet is that anyone can be just one click away from you at any point in time. The problem is the ease with which people will scroll past your ad. However, by including a clear call to action, you increase the odds that your ad will be clicked on—generating more engagement in the process.

Pin posts that won’t expire

Though you should use your page as a space to frequently stay in touch with your audience, there are naturally going to be some posts you wish would just stay at the top. Luckily, you can pin your most relevant and important post to the top of your page, ensuring that no matter how frequently you post, your most important content will be seen first by anyone visiting your page.

Foster an environment for engagement

Whether you decide to do this by encouraging comments or running contests/giveaways, make your posts something that people engage with. Ask for likes and comments, encourage people to tag their friends. In doing so, you’ll see a sharp increase in engagement that will also heavily increase your reach.

By applying these strategies, you’ll see yourself with far more leads and your Facebook page will be running smooth as can be.

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