3 Benefits of Split Testing Your Facebook Ads


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Have you been struggling to figure out what drives success in your Facebook ads? Seemingly small details like ad copy and the images you use can have a significant impact on your ad’s performance.

Today on Above the Noise, Josh Stike explains how split testing can help you find the problem areas in your Facebook ads—setting you up to make those small but crucial changes that will increase your ROI in a big way.

Video Transcription

One of the most common issues people have when they start running Facebook ads is that it can be really difficult to tell why an ad worked— or, in many cases, why it didn’t. By running an A/B test (also known as split testing), you can try out multiple approaches at the same time and determine the best practices for your business going forward.

Test 1: Timing

When it comes to promoting a product or service, so much of your success depends on connecting with your prospects at the right moment. This means you could run the exact same ad two weeks apart and get completely different results. The reason why a A/B testing works is because you’re effectively running two slightly different ads at once. When you do this, you can be sure that the issue isn’t when you place the ad, but instead has something to do with the copy or the ad itself.


Test 2: Landing pages

While Facebook ads can be a great way to convert leads, it’s incredibly important to have a solid landing page that actually drives results—whether that means signing up for an event or actually buying a product. By creating two different versions of your landing page and running a split test, you can figure out which one is the most effective at getting the desired result. Then, once that’s out of the way, you can spend more time on the finer details of your individual ads to drive traffic to your page.

Test 3: Content

Want to see which copy gets you the most clicks, or are you interested in learning which listing photo gets you the most engagement from your leads? By running multiple simultaneous ads with a single detail changed, you can figure out which approach gets you the most return on your investment. Then, you can use that knowledge to shape your campaigns in the future.

The takeaway

And there you have it: three reasons why you should start split testing your ads on Facebook, today. If you’re a real estate agent looking for specific ways you can use split testing in your ads, check out the blog post in the description of this video. Be sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel for more great tips. And, most importantly, take action on this today.

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