Where to Network

Short answer—Everywhere.

We’ve all had the importance of networking drilled into our heads from the moment we entered sales. Everybody has a different approach to the practice. One person might be able to work a room like a pro, shaking hands and making small talk with everyone in the building, leaving with a rolodex full of connections. For many others, it doesn’t come as naturally and they have to work at always staying outside our comfort zone.

But one trick is to be the right place at the right time. Here is a list of places where you should frequent and expand your network.


The gym can be a tough one, so work on employees first. They are the gatekeepers to everyone who goes in and out, so they are of the highest value.


If you’re involved with a local place of worship than it is essential that you become your congregation’s go to agent. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to be too aggressive, but at the same time be outgoing and make sure everyone knows what you do and that you’re eager to help anyone in any way.


Meetup.com is an awesome website where you can find like-minded people who are interested in a hobby that you pursue. Maybe you enjoy rock climbing, or discussing literature, find folks that enjoy the same thing and the conversation will be easy to fall into.

There are also professional meetings on Meetup, many focused on sales and the real estate industry. These can be great places to find connections that lead to referrals, but might be tough to find an actual client.


This can be a great way to give back to the community you serve and get your name out there with other amazing people.


Whether you take public speaking courses or as painting classes, it’s never too late to learn something new. Aside from keeping your brain in motion, it will put you in the room with a lot of new people to network with.

The web

In the modern world you don’t actually need to be physically present topo network with someone. It’s not enough to simply send a friend request, you actually have to be social on social media. Start dialogues and get the ball rolling. When you do meet in person you will already have built a string rapport.


The importance placed on networking can seem a bit overwhelming. The reason it has the tendency to leave a bad taste in your mouth is because it has become associated with some brand of phoniness. But if you want to create fulfilling and lucrative relationships, you have to operate with total sincerity. Not only will you end up with new colleagues, but you will also gain new friends.

Written by Sefton Eisenhart

A writer who deeply believes that everyone is in sales.