Spring-Focused E-Mail Marketing Ideas

Springtime is ideal for change. The warmer weather and longer days can help cultivate new business ideas. This spring, use these ideas to refresh your e-mail marketing campaigns. From leveraging holidays to promoting seasonal discounts, breathe new life into your e-mails this season with a few simple tactics.

  • Revamp your newsletter.
    There’s a good chance that you’re already sending a newsletter that highlights your products and services. However, consider taking the time to give it a makeover and introduce a new spring-themed template. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; in fact just a subtle transition to brighter colors can make the content stand out and entice recipients to spend more time reading.
  • Offer a discount.
    Awake your clients from the dreary winter weather by offering bright springtime deals. When sending new discounts, be sure to include a fun, yet meaningful spring-themed phrase in the subject line. Expressions like “spring into this deal,” “hop into the savings,” and “watch the deals blossom” can help your e-mail stand out among recipients’ cluttered inboxes.
  • Capture past clients.
    For many, springtime is all about renewal. Whether it’s renewing their personal lives or business lives, why not use this mind-set to your advantage? If you have clients who have either paused or cancelled a product subscription with you, craft an e-mail about getting them back on board this season. Subtle seasonal messaging about freshening up their lives with your product or service this spring could really hit home.
  • Celebrate holidays.
    From Easter to Cinco de Mayo, the spring months are packed with holidays that can be used for marketing purposes. Create a campaign that’s focused around one holiday, and use a string of e-mails to advertise for it. For instance, if you plan on offering 5% off for Cinco de Mayo, send e-mails a month in advance. Each e-mail should include a call to action that will drive your recipients to the deal—either a specified landing page or a social media page.
  • Play up spring cleaning.
    Out with the old, in with the new. When it comes to marketing campaigns, the spring- cleaning topic is extremely versatile. You can take the traditional route and advertise new products, or you can offer legitimate spring-cleaning content. Providing readers with tips on how to clean their personal spaces might not generate revenue, but it will be a welcomed surprise to recipients who are accustomed to promotional e-mails.

The ideas don’t end here. There are various other opportunities to integrate springtime into your e-mail marketing campaigns. Regardless of what direction you take, be sure that you tap into your creativity this season!

Written by Jennafer Benvenuto

A digital marketer with a love for all things social.