5 Springtime Email Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Breath new life into your spring email marketing campaigns with these five fresh ideas

If nothing else, springtime is a season of rebirth and growth. It’s when Mother Nature decides to infuse new energy into her domain. Small business owners would be well advised to follow her lead, so this spring use these five ideas to refresh your email marketing campaigns. From leveraging holidays to promoting seasonal discounts, breathe new life into your emails this season with a few simple tactics.

1. Revamp your newsletter

Email newsletters are an excellent marketing tool that works to keep you top of mind while providing value to your list of recipients.


Don’t overlook the power of email newsletters to keep you in front of your customers.

I routinely receive one from my real estate agent that keeps me informed of what’s going on in the housing market, another from my financial advisor that lets me know the impact of any new legislation, and still another from my lawn maintenance company with garden tips appropriate to the season. I even get a printed newsletter from my local Trader Joe’s with articles about featured products and recipes that, more often than not, I find myself making with ingredients I bought at—you guessed it—my local Trader Joe’s.

With so many free online tools and templates available, it’ll take no time at all for you to give your newsletter a fresh look with a new spring-themed template. Canva is a go-to choice for many small businesses because it’s super simple to use. (Be sure to use their filters to find exactly what you want.) Your updates don’t need to be elaborate; in fact, just a subtle transition to brighter colors can make the content stand out and entice recipients to spend more time reading.

2. Promote something special

Consider creating an email campaign advertising a limited-time discount, a reward for referrals to your business, a free item, or some other equally enticing incentive you know your customers will enjoy and appreciate.

Normally, you want your email subject lines to be clear rather than clever, but a significant event like the arrival of spring or a holiday offers an opportunity to be more creative. Use an attention-grabbing subject line that promises those who click something of noteworthy value. Test a variety of subject lines to see which one performs best, but expressions like “spring into this deal,” “hop into the savings,” and “watch the deals blossom” can help your email stand out among recipients’ cluttered inboxes.


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3. Recapture past clients

The world is renewed at springtime, so why not use this mindset to your advantage and use it to renew your relationships with clients.

Clients who have either paused or cancelled a product or service subscription can be enticed to return to the fold with a well-crafted email. Subtle seasonal messaging about reviving, refreshing, or renewing their relationship with your business this spring could really hit home. (You might consider coupling your invitation with an exclusive promotion like those suggested in the second idea shared above.)

4. Celebrate holidays

From Easter to Memorial Day and every holiday in between, the spring months are packed with holidays that can be used for marketing purposes.

Create a campaign that’s focused around one holiday, and use a string of emails to promote it. For instance, if you plan on offering 5% off for Cinco de Mayo, begin sending emails to your list a month in advance. Each email should include a call to action that will drive your recipients to the deal—either a specified landing page or a social media page.

5. Play up spring cleaning

Out with the old, in with the new. When it comes to marketing campaigns, spring-cleaning is a topic offering extremely versatile. You can take the traditional route and advertise new products, or you can offer legitimate spring-cleaning content.

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Providing readers with tips on how to clean their personal spaces might not generate revenue, but it will be a welcomed surprise to recipients who are accustomed to the endless stream of promotional emails.

The ideas don’t end here. There are various other opportunities to integrate springtime into your email marketing campaigns. Regardless of the direction you take, be sure that you tap into your creativity this season!

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