3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Email List


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When you’re looking to grow your business through email marketing, organizing your list is the key to reducing the amount of undelivered or unread messages and closing more deals.


Today on Above the Noise, ReminderMedia Marketing Services manager Josh Lusk offers three tips for prepping your list for success.

Video Transcription

If you’re looking to be successful with email marketing, it’s incredibly important to organize and clean your list regularly. Successfully delivered emails improve your IP score, which helps determine whether your future messages get in front of your audience or wind up in the spam folder. This is why you want to be sure you’re working with only good email addresses.

Tip #1: Get rid of bad email addresses and bounces.

First of all, if you’re downloading or exporting your list from another email program or address book, make sure the emails you include are good ones—removing the “do-not-reply” or customer service addresses. But you’ll also want to see which formerly good addresses have stopped working. Now, it’s fairly normal for an email to bounce back on occasion. But, once this happens more than a couple times in a row, you can be pretty sure the email address no longer works. If you’re a ReminderMedia customer, you’ll be able to easily tell which email addresses have delivery issues using your account manager.

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Tip #2: Remove the inactive or non-engaged recipients.

It’s not just bounces and bademail addresses that affect your IPscore—it’s also whether or not peopleengage with what you send. So if people aren’t opening your emails or aren’t clicking the links inside, you naturally start to reach fewer people. With the American Lifestyle digital edition, you have built-in analytics that tell you which people are opening and clicking the links inside your emails. When you see someone is consistently unengaged, it’s better to take them off your list and move on. That way, you can stay clear of spam folders and connect more consistently with the people who are actually engaged.

Tip #3: Prioritize the emails you send.

When someone is consistently opening your emails, you’ll want to be sure you’re reaching out to them on a regular basis. Again, the American Lifestyle digital edition lets you see just how engaged your recipients are through your account manager. Make sure your most engaged recipients stay on your list so they don’t miss a single issue of your magazine—but don’t stop there. You can also take this as an opportunity to follow up individually, asking this person how they enjoyed your most recent issue. From there, you can continue building what will hopefully bea lasting, profitable relationship.

The takeaway

And there you have it—three tips for organizing your email list that you can start using right away. If you liked this video, comment and let me know some tips you have for keeping your list clean. Subscribe to this YouTube channel, and hit the bell icon to be notified when new videos are released. But, most importantly, take action on this today.

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