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During Spring Market, Close More Deals with Your Own Personally Branded Magazine

Luke Acree

Posted on

Spring is here, and that means the real estate game will soon flood with prospects as people start to think about making a big move. The change of season brings about a sense of fun restlessness, and people begin to consider new homes or selling their current one.

Along with an uptick in activity will come a spike in competition. It’s crucial that you do something to stand out from all the other real estate agents in your area. Social media can be a great platform to advertise your business. Try running a Facebook ad on a modest budget to create name recognition.

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If you prefer something more personal, you could host a small outdoor gathering and try to get face time with different members of your sphere.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler (hosting an event or starting a marketing campaign can be a bit much for a busy agent) a personally branded magazine can be used in ways you might not have thought of before.

Here are three ways to think outside of the box this spring and close deals with your magazine:

  1. Promotional copies: Keep a stack with you everywhere you go. A promotional copy of a branded magazine blows every business card out of the water. They’re impossible to lose, and they actually act as an item-of-value, instead of a flimsy piece of cardstock. Now that you’ll be interacting with people outside and increasing your exposure, opportunities will be popping up like daisies. Anytime you drive with a client or prospect, or meet at a showing, they should leave with a copy of your magazine.
  2. Community Outreach: High-traffic areas receive even higher levels of business when spring hits. Don’t just leave them behind, use the drop off as an opportunity to get acquainted with the owners and employees of these enterprises. Your magazine gives you the perfect opening to establish yourself as the area’s top real estate expert.
  3. Forge partnerships: In exchange for an ad spot, you can team up with local organizations that might not have much of an advertising budget. Sports teams and outdoor groups get into full swing come spring time, and you can create an amazing relationship with these entities while increasing distribution of your magazine and helping a great cause.

Once you establish primary connections, and make subsequent secondary connections, you can start cultivating the leads. There is no need for a hard sell on every lead you generate, but start adding people to your magazine mailing list and use that touch point to move them through the funnel. You’ll have so much business by summer you might not be able to take a vacation.

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Written by Luke Acree

Luke Acree, President of ReminderMedia, is a sales fanatic, a marketing evangelist, and an expert team builder. Luke has worked with tens of thousands of agents over the years, helping them understand how to connect with their client database in a way that generates leads, secures repeat clients, and captures referrals.