Make the Most of Your American Lifestyle magazine Promo Copies

Alexa Bricker

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If you already use promotional copies of your American Lifestyle magazine, you know how powerful they can be at listing appointments, open houses, and for prospecting purposes. They are an invaluable addition to your marketing toolbox, and, just like the copies you send to your mailing list, they can make a huge impact.

But even if you’re a seasoned user of promotional copies, there are always ways you can improve the customizable components of your magazine to maximize results. The next time you order a new batch, keep these tips in mind:

The length and content of your letter.

The Front Inside Cover Letter of our American Lifestyle magazine is the first impression reads will get of you who are and the type of services you offer. Say too much in your letter, and the reader will lose interest; say too little, and you won’t be taking advantage of this valuable space.

The letter in your promotional copies should give people insight into the type of agent you are, and end with a strong case for why people should consider you the next time they’re ready to buy or sell.

The content on your Tear Out Cards.

The Beauty of Tear Out Cards is that they can push recognition for your business far beyond the people who pick up the magazine. The content on these cards should be something you know people will want to pass along to everyone they know.

Recipes are particularly good for this—who doesn’t love to eat? But it’s also important to remember that, if you’re planning on dropping your promotional copies off in doctor’s offices or leaving them with prospects, not to include timely content on these cards. You want your magazine to make an impact for as long as possible, and that means if someone picks it up in August, they might not want to read a recipe for holiday cookies.

The engagement of your Back Cover.

The Back Cover is the last piece of your magazine people will see, and should leave them with a solid (and lasting) impression of you. Keep in mind that with promotional copies, the people reading are just getting acquainted to you and your business. What can you do to make it clear you are the number one choice for their homebuying and selling needs?

With your Back Cover space, you can showcase a custom ad with current or past listings, and include facts about the success of the deal to entice readers. If you can highlight the benefits of using your services, readers will forever associate you with your industry.

Written by Alexa Bricker

Creative writer who believes in the power of a well-told story and helpful content.