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The personally branded magazines we write, design, and publish at ReminderMedia are designed to drive repeat and referral business. We help our clients close more deals and retain more business by giving them the opportunity to provide their clients with content that is unique, informative, and customizable.

From delicious recipes to compelling articles, each 48-page issue is filled with engaging and entertaining experiences that help them leave a lasting impression. One of the most popular ways that the magazine helps reach a large audience and enables our clients to stand out from the crowd are the two Tear Out Cards we include in every issue. Here’s how:

When they are shared, your branding goes along

It’s safe to say that Tear Out Cards are designed to be shared. In fact, the perforated edges make it simple for someone to rip them out. Often, a reader will tear out both cards and give them to either friends or family—greatly expanding the reach of the magazine. The recipe cards make for a great addition to an ever-growing recipe box. Whether it’s a new recipe or a fun DIY craft, the hundreds of options are bound to appeal to a large audience—ensuring that your personally branded Tear Out Cards make their way from home to home.

You can personalize them to best suit your needs

We have an extensive library of Tear Out Cards to select from. For instance, if you know that your recipients prefer home tips to recipes, you can choose to only include tips. Advertising with a local company? Not a problem. Our Creative Services Team makes it possible to customize both Tear Out Cards. For example, one Tear Out Card can display your personal information, and the other can showcase a strategic partner’s contact information—mortgage broker, home inspector, and financial planner. You can even take it one step further and use the second card to highlight upcoming community events. The options are endless!

All in all, Tear Out Cards enable you to provide your recipients with valuable content. Between the ease of sharing and multiple customization options, your Tear Out Cards work to keep you top of mind.

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