How to Use Your Magazine at a Listing Presentation


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Are you looking for ways to really stand apart at your listing presentations, so that you can earn the business of more customers?


In today’s episode of Above the Noise, ReminderMedia president Luke Acree offers three tips for using your customized American Lifestyle or Start Healthy magazine to close more listings.

Video Transcript

When you’re in real estate, it’s all about getting listings, because, if you control the listings, you ultimately control the leads. And I want to teach you guys three different things that you can do with your American Lifestyle magazine to help you really build trust with that prospective seller, to ultimately help you close the deal.

Customize Your Magazine

The first thing that you want to do with your magazine is make sure you bring it to your listing appointment and customize your magazine with one of your listings that you’re currently trying to sell, or your past listings that you’ve sold. You can do it on the back cover, you can do it on the tear out cards in your magazine, or the back inside cover. Imagine you’re giving your listing presentation, and you’re showing them that, “Hey, not only can I put it on the internet, put it on MLS, Zillow, I’m going to put a yard sign in the yard. I’m going to do an open house.” But now, in that listing presentation, you can also go, “Oh, by the way, I have my own magazine that I can feature your listing.”

The key here, guys, is you know that the magazine might not be the difference to sell the home, but the impression that you’re giving to that prospective seller is that you’re a league above—that you have something different than the competition that might come behind you into a listing presentation.

Showcase Your Testimonials

Second tip is showcase your client testimonials. Remember: it’s really not how great you say you are, it’s how great your clients say you are. So, utilize the customization of the back cover or the back inside cover, to where you have testimonials. Imagine the first tip, you show them that you can feature their listing. Then, you open up the back inside cover here, and you have different client testimonials of what your clients have said about you, and how you’ve helped them sell their home.

Be a Concierge Service

And then the third and final tip is think outside the box of what your client’s going to need. They might need painters, they might need landscapers, or they might need movers. Showcase the partners that you have, that you can offer to them, that when they use you to sell their home, you also bring these Rolodex partners to the table—that you’ve vetted, that are awesome, that they can work with.

And now you show them that you can feature their listing, you show them what the clients say about you, and then you show them your partners that they can use to help them really make this a smooth transition.

The takeaway

So, there you have it, guys. There are three tips, where you can customize your magazine to really help you build trust with that client, but ultimately put you a league above your competition to close that listing appointment. If you liked these tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel, check us out on Instagram and Facebook. But, most importantly, take action on this today.

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