How to Customize Your Front Inside Cover Letter for the Holidays


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The holidays are a time for good food, gift giving, and marketing. Yes, you read that right—marketing. The season provides you with the opportunity to expand your reach and garner more business into the new year. In fact, according to Nationwide, almost 30 percent of Americans will have more than 12 people at their table for a holiday meal. Meaning, your American Lifestyle magazine needs to be front and center in the homes of those who matter the most.

We all know that the one thing that sets your magazine apart from the competition is its customizable features, especially the Front Inside Cover Letter. When it comes to the holiday issue, your customizable letter can play a big role. Unsure of how? Below are four creative ways to take advantage of the season and tailor your letter for the holidays.

Make it personal.

Your letter provides you with the opportunity to tailor your message down to the individual recipient. For instance, if you know one of your clients is heading to the Caribbean for the holidays, wish them safe travels. For a prospect that is interested in putting their house on the market within the next year, let them know that you would love to list their home. Just remember: the more personal you are, the better! It shows that you put in the time and effort to develop relationships.

Replace the ordinary.

How many holiday cards do you receive between November and December? More than likely the answer is quite a few. While holiday cards are great, they do happen to get thrown in the trash can. Consider replacing your ordinary holiday cards with your Front Inside Cover Letter. Simply write your letter as you would your card, and wish your recipients a happy holiday. Not only will it stand out from the typical card, your recipients will appreciate the magazine’s additional content.

Provide a recap.

Let your recipients know how your year went. Customize your letter so it includes a year-in-review. Include stats on how many transactions you completed and how your community service initiatives fared. While business recaps are informative, don’t forget to include anything monumental that happened in your personal life too. Include details on any trips you took or family events that occurred throughout the year—your recipients will appreciate seeing your life outside of work.

Include your resolutions.

Ah, resolutions. Let’s face it: the more people you share your resolutions with, the better the chance you have at holding yourself accountable. Have a goal of closing ten more deals next year? Or capturing twice as many referrals? Include your goals in your letter. Not only will your recipients be able to relate to your desire to set resolutions, they can play an intricate role in helping you crush your goals.

This year, be sure to take advantage of your Front Inside Cover Letter for the holiday season. Customizing your letter can help you land on the mantle instead of in the trash can, and can set you up for a successful New Year.

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