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ReminderMedia wants to keep our clients up to date on all the greatest tactics for using our products. In the third installment of our Above the Noise: Product Tool Kit series, Marketing Services Team Facilitator, Kaitlyn Burke reviews how you can use American Lifestyle magazine’s Promotional Copies to leave a lasting impression while prospecting.

Video Transcription

Today I wanted to talk to you about our promotional copies. Do you get them already? They’re amazing for prospecting. They’re the additional copies of the publication that we ship directly to you. And today I have three tips to help you use them that way you can get the most out of your prospecting.

Promotional copies are additional copies of the publication that you can have sent directly to you via first-class UPS for prospecting purposes primarily. We already know American Lifestyle magazine is the best way to connect with your sphere of influence, but we cannot forget about those prospects. So I have three main tips to utilize your promotional copies today.

Number one

Tip number one. Use them at your open houses and your listing appointments. At an open house handing out your American Lifestyle magazine, your fully personalized branded beautiful publication, in lieu of a business card or a flyer really sets you apart from all of the other competition. It secures any prospective clients that might walk through that door.

At a listing appointment, handing out your version of American Lifestyle magazine again in lieu of that business card, it just sets you apart again. It also is a great way to show that prospective client where you can place their property and it’ll make sure that you get that listing.

Number two

Tip number two. Drop them off in waiting rooms. Primarily doctors offices, dentists offices, and pediatricians. Everybody’s sitting around waiting, reading all those old stale magazines, so put your copy in there. It’s so much more interesting, so much more beautiful, and people will love it. Just make sure that you talk to the receptionist and any of the friendly patients that are waiting there already. You never know who’s looking to buy or sell a home.

Number three

And tip number three. Talk to your hairdresser, or your barber if you have one. Those locations are not only great to just drop a copy, but if you have a specific stylist or barber that you frequent, let them know that you would love to leave a copy or two with them personally. That way if they have another patron, another client sitting in their chair that mentions they’re looking to relocate they can hand them your version of American Lifestyle magazine, and secure you a new potential client. I actually have a gentleman that I work with who has donethat and he’s actually gotten three separate referrals from his barber alone.

The takeaway

Now those three tips are some of the great ways you can use promotional copies, but there are so many others that you can use them for. So order 20 promotional copies today, and take action on these tools!

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