How to Make Your Open House Stand Out


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For real estate agents, open houses can either be hit or miss. A successful open house relies heavily on being able to entice people to come through the door, once they’re inside, the house will speak for itself. However, just a few creative touches will have people lining up at the door, eager to see what’s inside. Follow these tips to stand out from the crowd this season and host an effective open house.

Take advantage of social media.
Social media can be extremely valuable when you want to garner attention for an upcoming event. Start by creating posts that countdown until the open house (ex: one month, one week, one day). Use captivating images that showcases the houses’ best features, such as an updated kitchen or large backyard. Take it one step further and utilize the Live feature on Facebook to give followers a behind the scenes tour of the interior.

Update house signage.
Scratch the conventional open house signage and create unique and eye-catching materials that will intrigue visitors. While inside, display a compelling welcome sign that prospects see upon entering. Also consider using a matching sign-in sheet to gather contact information to help you follow-up and stay in touch in with prospects. Download the complete set of printable indoor signage (below) to use this spring season.

Offer something of value.
Typically, listing flyers and business cards are the most common parting gifts at open houses. Although practical, they’re lacking in the value area. Since the majority of serious buyers will tour several open houses in a weekend, the accumulated stacks of business cards are bound to end up in the trashcan. Instead, focus on providing them with a personally branded gift—magnets, bottle openers, and chip clips. A practical gift has a much better chance of hanging around for a longer period of time.

Create a theme.
Think about creating a theme for your open house. You can pick a theme that revolves around an upcoming event, such as a holiday or sports game. Consider a cookout theme for Memorial Day or a baseball theme for the World Series. You can even build a buzz around the theme by including it in your Facebook advertising and yard signage. Themes can help ensure that each open house is unique.

Provide a wealth of knowledge.
Prospects are counting on you to be their guide on everything from the market value of the home to the best place to grab a bite to eat. In short, you must be prepared to answer the multitude of questions that will come your way. Spruce up your local knowledge and be sure to provide useful home buying information about lenders, storage companies, handymen, and furniture stores. Knowing a little about a lot can be the anecdote that can break down barriers and build rapport.

When planning your next open house, try a combination of the above tips to see what works best for you. For instance, you may find that Instagram is a better platform to use instead of Facebook. Regardless of your preferred method, you’ll be setting yourself apart from the competition, increasing your perception, and closing more deals.

Download this set of printable indoor signage to use this spring season.

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