Open House Kit Bundle

Connect with buyers and sellers at your next open house with this printable bundle!

Tired of putting a lot of effort into your open houses without getting any new leads? Use the pages in this free download to connect with buyers and sellers who are attending your open house.

This file can be edited in Canva or Adobe Acrobat to help personalize certain pages, making a more professional first impression. Your download file will also include 6 different color options (see photo) so you can easily match to your company branding!


  • Welcome Sign
    Cut out, then display in any 8×10” frame.
  • Sign In Sheet
    Print several copies of this page to have available right when people walk in.
  • Magazine Tag
    Place this folded card next to your stack of branded magazines so visitors know they can take a copy!
  • Open House Survey
    Print out several copies of this page and hand out to everyone walking through your open house to get to know them better!
  • About This Home Page
    Fill out the information on your listing so everyone walking through the door knows the home’s best qualities.
  • Coloring Page
    Buy small packs of crayons and give this page to all the kids during your open house!
  • Imagine This! Folding Cards
    Place these small signs in the appropriate rooms to help people think of all the wonderful memories they could make in this home. There is even a blank option for you to customize!
  • Door Hanger Announcement
    Edit this page with your info, then disperse them to homes in your area to invite neighbors to your open house!
  • Water Bottle Tags
    Place these tags around the neck of any bottled drink you are offering at your open house.
  • Remove Shoes Sign
    Hang this sign near the entrance of the home if the homeowner requests people to remove their shoes before entering.
  • Feedback Survey
    Give to everyone who came to your open house!

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