11 New Ideas for Distributing Your Promotional Copies

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Clients share how they use their personally branded magazines to grow their contact databases and generate leads

Whether you’re new to our personally branded magazines, or you’ve been mailing a while, don’t you think it’s safe to say that your contact list could use a little updating? Everyone knows that your core clients and sphere of influence should be the first people you add to your mailing list, but what about when you’re trying to drum up new business? What if you’re trying to break into a new community or just trying to just get your name out there?

We suggest borrowing some ideas from ReminderMedia client’s about the ways they’ve found to successfully use their promotional copies to get in front of more prospective clients.

Police officers and firefighters

These people hold a powerful role within their communities and are typically well respected. There is already a level of trust established between them and the public, so their recommendation of you may be more influential than you think. If you don’t have an established connection to a police officer or firefighter, why not drop by and ask if you could leave a few promotional copies for them? Follow up by adding them to your mailing list, and drop by every once and a while to ask about the response.


If you’re traveling on business or looking for a home in a new city, where are you likely to stay? Hotels are hotspots for individuals considering relocation and could be a great resource for capturing new prospects. We do recommend that you ask the hotel staff before just leaving your magazine. Who knows, maybe they’re looking for a great real estate professional or Financial Advisor too!

Waiting rooms

Leaving American Lifestyle magazine in the waiting room of your doctor, dentist, or hairdresser is like introducing yourself to everyone who walks through the door. Make sure you connect with the receptionist so that if an opportunity presents itself for them to make a referral, they do. Not convinced that this will translate into referrals? Check out what Realtor Phil Chadwick has to say about leaving Promotional Copies at his barber.


If you’re trying to generate new business or get more exposure, the gym is the perfect addition to your mailing list. Statisticbrain.com estimates that 58 million people in America go to a gym or health club. Whether or not you’re one of them doesn’t matter. Leaving your branded American Lifestyle magazine right next to the big name, national magazines is more effective than putting your business card at every cardio machine—and less expensive and less pushy, too.


Church-goers tend to be a close, tightly knit community, and therefore, word can spread quickly, especially when it’s a good referral. Again, there is a level of trust established here, so when you do receive referrals, usually they’ll be of a good quality.

Contractors (or others who have a complimentary client base)

If you’re a real estate agent, you may have your go-to contractor or landscaper that you recommend to new home owners. Don’t let these referrals go unreciprocated! Make sure to add these service professionals to your next mailing list.


Teachers make great connectors. Depending on the size of their class, they may have regular contact with about 30 sets of parents each year. Their status as authority figures lends credence to their recommendations.

Your clients’ adult children

Make generational connections by asking your clients if their adult children could benefit from receiving your magazine. Chances are, the entire family is familiar with American Lifestyle from seeing it on the coffee table. Plus, what better introduction than, “My parents have been using this professional for years! I trust them, and you should too”?

Wedding planners

They’ve got the scoop on to-be and newly married couples who may be looking for a new home or financial guidance. Their clients are looking to them for referrals on anything from caterers to hairdressers to real estate agents, and often their advice holds some weight.

Your neighbors are a given, but how about your clients’ neighbors?

If a house on your street were to go up for sale, would you notice? Most attentive neighbors would. And if you’re having open houses, what better way to “invite” the neighbors than to drop your customized magazine in their mailboxes a week beforehand? When used strategically, American Lifestyle makes a far better farming tool than sales-focused postcards because it feels personal, not mass-produced.

Local coffee shops

Give people something to read while they’re taking time to enjoy a cup of coffee. This is the ultimate soft sell. Coffee shops are neighborhood hubs, and the clientele are typically repeat customers. After seeing your magazine on a regular basis, you’ll start to be more familiar to them, and they may just feel more comfortable in reaching out.

Great referrals are all about connecting with new prospects at the right place and at the right time. Promotional Copies are a necessity if you’re looking to branch out into a new market or neighborhood. Become recognizable, and you’ll be thought of as a leader within the community—thus helping your business grow.

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