Customer Story: “American Lifestyle Magazine Made the Difference.”

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Phil Chadwick – RealtyONE

I have received more benefit from American Lifestyle magazine than any other marketing campaign I have ever used. I’ve been sending the magazine to my clients, prospects, and friends for years with results that continue to amaze me.

Several months ago, I began discussions with a prospective home seller who was moving into adult living. We hit it off well, but she wanted to interview a few more agents. Weeks went by, and I followed up by phone, but she still wasn’t ready to make her decision. I took an old copy of American Lifestyle with me on my first visit and then put her on my mailing list. Yesterday, I got an e-mail from her. Here’s how it began: “Thank you for sending your magazine. It has helped me to choose the right agent for me, and I hope you’re still interested in working with me to sell my house . . . .”

Here is another example: I always send a couple of copies to my barber, and occasionally drop one by. He has now referred three clients to me, representing about $1.4 million worth of business. A couple weeks ago, he had a guy in his chair who was complaining about not being able to sell his home. My barber said, “I know a guy who can sell it for you. He’s a quality guy. See, here is his magazine.” The seller called me within two hours of returning home, and now I have his home listed for over $800K. Rough calculation tells me that when it sells, it will pay for all my magazines for the next 10 or 12 years.

American Lifestyle magazine has made the difference in a very competitive market. I know of at least four other incidents where I can specifically attribute a listing agreement to this magazine, with any one of the listings (ranging from $600K to well over $1 million) covering the cost of the magazine for a long, long time.

Having spent over forty years in marketing, this is truly the best investment in marketing I have ever made. It certainly breaks through the clutter and definitely puts me in a class of my own.