Ep. 502: The Best Golden Nuggets of 2023 | Social Media

Proven Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

If you’re struggling to build an audience of social media followers or improve your engagement rate, these five tips from successful users are just what you need to achieve your desired goal.

As the end of the year approaches, it’s become a bit of a tradition at Stay Paid to review our guest episodes and curate the best-of-the-best interviews to present to our listeners. This year, we’re providing several such collections—each dedicated to a specific topic.

In this first installment, we revisit five interviews to bring you a rundown of road-tested strategies proven to attract followers, increase engagement, and promote conversions.

Tamara Thompson

Ep. 450: Microcontent Magic and Repurposing—The Best-Kept Secrets for Growing Your Social Media Audience


Tamara Thompson is the CEO of Broadcast Your Authority, a data-driven content marketing agency. She generated over $170K in sales with one video in a mere five days. In her interview, she offers her best tip for creating viral videos.

Marie Lee

Ep. 476: The Single Instagram Strategy That Netted $7M in 2 Years

A top-producing Realtor® in Nashville, Tennessee, Marie Lee knows the value of persistent consistency. She shares how she would counsel agents and others who may be new to social media branding or struggling to figure out the best way to use it for their businesses.

Jeff Pfitzer

Ep. 468: Master the Art of Social Media for Your Future

Jeff Pfitzer is a bona fide real estate influencer and the cofounder of Drunk on Social, a social media marketing company. As a social media coach, he’s seen how companies and brands that continue to market the same old way have struggled to grow—and what they should do instead. Listen to his comments about the best (and easiest!) way to connect with your audience.

Katelyn Rhoades

Ep. 434: Reel Advice for Leads and Growth from IG Pro Katelyn Rhoades (@socialmarketingqueen)


With more than 155,000 Instagram followers, Katelyn Rhoades, a veteran real estate agent, has been coaching agents and others on how to utilize the power of social media to steadily build their brands and businesses. Hear what she says audiences most want in the content they consume and how you can best provide it.

Eric Simon

Ep 494: The Broke Agent on Content, Social Media, and Real Estate’s Hottest Topics

Eric Simon of Broke Agent Media offers golden advice for anyone who wants to produce content efficiently and effectively on a mass scale. In the featured snippet, you’ll find out what he does and the sources he consults to stay ahead of the trends.

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