Ep. 434: Reel Advice for Leads and Growth from IG Pro Katelyn Rhoades (@socialmarketingqueen)

How to Leverage Instagram Reels for Decisively Effective Digital Marketing

Key idea: Providing your audience with edutainment, or content that both educates and entertains, is one of many tactics entrepreneurs can use to create Instagram Reels that attract, engage, and convert an audience into leads.

Katelyn Rhoades, this week’s guest on Stay Paid, is known to her 135,000 Instagram followers as the “social marketing queen.” She’s spent 10 successful years in real estate and has been coaching agents and others on how to utilize the power of social media to steadily build their brands and businesses.

During her interview, Katelyn answers a wide variety of questions about Instagram Reels—many of which are queries we frequently receive from our clients and listeners. These include:

  • When you find something that’s working, whether it’s a topic that draws an audience, a trending piece of audio, or something else, is it best to focus your effort on producing more of the same thing? (Her answer is, “Yes, but . . .”)
  • Where do you get your inspiration from? (She’s not a fan of reinventing the wheel.)
  • What Instagram accounts do you recommend that real estate agents and social media marketers follow? (She has 3 favorites.)
  • What makes posting Reels worth the time and effort? (There are at least 3 reasons that make doing this a no-brainer.)
  • How often is it best to post to Instagram? (The answer depends on your goal.)
  • What hacks do you use to turn audience members into leads? (Her tips are so good!)

Katelyn’s answers are on point and super useful to those who may not yet be comfortable creating Reels or married to a particular strategy. And for those who are—especially real estate agents—she has something to say about your target audience that you’re going to want to hear.

We hope you enjoy this episode and act on the advice Luke offers at the end. We’d also appreciate it if you took a moment to leave us a 5-star review and comment on Apple Podcasts. (We read them on air!) Thanks for listening!

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