Ep. 494: The Broke Agent on Content, Social Media, and Real Estate’s Hottest Topics

The Broke Agent Talks Social Media

When it comes to your social media content, don’t underestimate the popular appeal of authenticity.

This week on Stay Paid, we have the distinct pleasure of speaking with the master of memes, Eric Simon.

Eric is the founder of the Broke Agent—an utterly authentic, intentionally humorous, somewhat irreverent, and wildly popular social media phenomenon dedicated to poking fun at the trials and tribulations of working in real estate. Today, with more than 460K Instagram followers, the Broke Agent is only one part of what has become BAM (Broke Agent Media), a real estate media company that is giving the likes of Inman and similar organizations a run for their money.

We begin our conversation with Eric by asking him about the origins of the Broke Agent. His story reveals how being authentic turned his lackluster career into social media stardom and how his entrepreneurial journey eventually led to the creation of BAM. It’s a winding tale of starts and stops, saying yes to opportunities, playing to one’s strengths, and being true to one’s calling.

On the topic of social media, Eric shares his thoughts on what real estate agents should be doing to ensure their content is relevant and they stay ahead of trends favored by the algorithms. About maintaining control of BAM’s brand, he lets us know that despite having a trusted staff and the responsibilities that come with a C-suite position, he still makes a point of seeing every video clip before it’s posted. (It’s a lesson about balancing control with leverage.)  And he isn’t shy about saying he wants to destroy the National Association of Realtors® in addition to becoming the source for real estate news.

Finally, you’ll want to listen to get Eric’s expert opinion on how to optimize the incredible opportunity YouTube offers agents to attract and convert leads, the dire consequences of failing to keep up with AI, and whether traditional brokerages like Keller Williams will be squeezed out by eXp Realty, REAL broker, and other virtual brokerages.

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