Ep. 243: How to Master Relationship Marketing (with Glennda Baker)

 How Does Relationship Marketing Work? If you’re going to understand relationship marketing, you need to start by knowing that it’s not a short-term strategy. Who should listen: Anyone who wants to understand how they can effectively implement relationship marketing in their business. Key Point: If you don’t form lasting relationships with your clients, you’re… Read more »

Ep. 64: Creating a Proactive Customer Experience

Are you giving your customers an experience they’ll remember? There’s a big difference between providing basic customer service and creating an exceptional experience that’s truly worth talking about.   On this week’s episode of Stay Paid, hosts Josh Stike and Luke Acree are joined by Mike Graziola, the VP of Operations and Client Success for… Read more »

How to Set Boundaries with Clients

How to Set Boundaries with Clients

Many service-based salespeople think that they should be available at the drop of a hat for any of their clients. I’m here to tell you this isn’t true. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an inherently good thing to let customers dictate every aspect of your relationship. By setting boundaries with your clients, you can… Read more »

The Best Sales Strategy in the History of Business

Real estate is a unique brand of sales. Most salespeople practice a word-for-word pitch thousands of times. They memorize talking points and anticipate objections. This is how they become great. Real estate agents have to be more adaptive because the only thing they sell that stays the same is themselves. Agents must present their product… Read more »

Tips to Obtain Client Testimonials

Recently we discussed the benefits of client testimonials. From increasing social proof to heightening your sales pitch—testimonials can be extremely helpful when it comes to gaining new clients. Although it may sound appealing, you may be racking your brain for ways you can actually garner a compelling testimonial. Truth be told, it can be challenging,… Read more »


Ep. 370: How to Inspire Your Team to Perform at Their Best

 Motivation in the Workplace Strategies for Motivating Employees and Increasing Productivity Who should listen: If you manage or lead people, then this episode will provide you with insights about employee motivation you probably haven’t heard before. Key idea: Whether people are motivated intrinsically or extrinsically to perform a task should influence whether you assign… Read more »


Honesty is the Best Policy for Marketing

No one likes to be disappointed, but everyone likes to be pleasantly surprised. This is the theory behind some of the world’s greatest honest marketing campaigns. When you’re honest about the quality of your services, you aren’t leaving customers with unrealistic expectations of what you have to offer, or worse, leave them feeling like you… Read more »

The Best Practices for Content Marketing

It’s crucial to understand the best practices of content marketing so you can succeed at the business you’re putting out to the world. There could be an endless list of practices, but these are the key ones to keep in mind when you’re strategizing your way into the new year. Produce quality over quantity Sure,… Read more »


3 Reasons to Add a Personally Branded Magazine to Your Marketing Mix

Among the more unique marketing ideas for small businesses is a personally branded magazine. It’s high on the list of the most effective relationship marketing tactics used by real estate agents, financial advisors, insurance and mortgage brokers, lawyers, and other entrepreneurs who offer professional services as part of their brand strategy. Sending a personally branded… Read more »

Ep. 219: Marketing in 2021 with Dustin Brohm

 Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents Tips for beginners and others who want to diversify their marketing plan The only thing you might know about content marketing is that it involves, dare we say it . . . writing. And for that reason, you may have avoided it like a vampire avoids sunlight. You… Read more »

How to Kick-Start Your Mornings in 2020

How to Kick-Start Your Mornings in 2020

With the new year (and new decade) upon us, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your productivity and tackle all your biggest, hairiest goals. If you’re serious about crushing all those goals this year, you’ll want to make sure you’re starting your day off right. When you have a great morning, you’re better prepared… Read more »