How to Go Live on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for building new client relationships and nurturing existing ones. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of Instagram’s Live feature.   Today on Put a Pin in It, ReminderMedia graphic designer Maggie Nealer gives step-by-step instructions for going live on this popular platform. Video Transcription… Read more »


Personal Marketing with Your Letter

From your messages on social media to your phone calls, every interaction with a client is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. You may have heard that it’s important to allow clients a look into your personal life. The 80-20 rule, as it’s often called, encourages a balance of personal content and business-or-industry-related content… Read more »


Here’s How You Can Use Facebook to Spy on Your Competition

Ready to have your mind blown? So, we all know that Facebook makes for a profitable digital marketing tool for your business, especially when it comes to utilizing a Business Page. But, did you know that there are untapped features that allow you to spy on your competition? Sure, spying might have a negative connotation,… Read more »

Become a Local Real Estate Expert on Facebook

Gaining a significant Facebook following from people in your local community can seem like a daunting task. It takes constant improvements and updates to your page to stay relevant. In doing so, you’ll find yourself with a loyal bunch of neighbors who rely on you to stay informed. It’s important to remember that no matter… Read more »

What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the lesser known, more pragmatic sibling of virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR) is totally immersive. You put on a headset that creates a simulated environment that commits all your visual senses to that single experience, say, floating around on an iceberg in Antarctica. Facebook just debuted 360, video that takes footage of… Read more »


How to Uniquely Increase Facebook Engagement

Increasing engagement on your social channels is important if you want to maintain a solid brand. Facebook can be an especially tough platform to increase engagement on, but these unique strategies can help you get back on track. Focus on quality over quantity. You may find that brands are posting more on Instagram, but Facebook… Read more »

Building the Ultimate Mailing List

A crucial part of maintaining a strong pipeline is creating a comprehensive mailing list. When I’m working with new agents, I tell them to focus on three groups: friends and family, social routine, and past and current clients. It is just as important for a veteran agent to nurture and grow his or her mailing… Read more »


It’s Who You Know: How to Partner with Local Businesses

Real estate is a social industry. Not only are you continually communicating with your book of business, you’re forging new relationships via networking. While walking into a room full of strangers may seem like a daunting task, its benefits outweigh its risks and can cultivate strategic partnerships. Why partner? When it comes to partnering, the… Read more »

How to Subscribe to a Podcast

Are you new to the world of podcasting? If so, welcome! You’ve got countless hours of entertainment and education right at your fingertips—and, best of all, it won’t cost you a dime. If you’re looking to grow your business and would like to get the most out of your time commuting, working out, or just… Read more »

How to Expand Your Reach with the Digital Edition (Revised)

Are you a ReminderMedia customer looking to get the most out of your American Lifestyle digital edition?   Today on Above the Noise, Client Success team lead Kaitlyn Burke gives you three tips for using the digital edition to grow your business. Video Transcription If you’ve got a digital edition of American Lifestyle magazine, then you… Read more »

Ep. 196: The 3 Facebook Ads Every Business Should Be Running

 Real Estate Facebook Ads From among the different types of Facebook ads, these are the ones you want to run. Facebook real estate marketing is a no-brainer. Its popularity, the relatively low cost of running ads on the platform, and the potentially exceptional ROI you can achieve using its ads, make Facebook advertising for… Read more »

How to Build Your Community Presence with Promotional Copies

Promotional copies are one of American Lifestyle magazine’s best features. But, knowing how to make the most out of them can make a world of difference. In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Phoenix provides five strategic locations where you can leave your promotional copies to help you garner new business. Video Transcription Today, I’m… Read more »