How to Explain Your UVP to Leads and Clients

When you are thinking about raising your profile and gaining more clients in your local market, you may be focused primarily on the ways in which you will reach new leads and clients. However, in many cases, it’s not just who you are talking to and what platforms you’re using that puts you on the… Read more »

3 Memorial Day Marketing Ideas for Agents

When you think of Memorial Day, what comes to your mind? More than likely honoring our veterans, the start of summer, delicious barbecues, and outdoor activities. However, as a real estate agent, Memorial Day weekend can be an opportune time to offer unique marketing campaigns. In fact, it’s the only national holiday to take advantage… Read more »


The Three Facebook Ads Real Estate Agents Need to be Running

Facebook advertising can be a lucrative marketing tactic for real estate agents. But determining what types of ads to run can be quite the challenge. In this episode of Above the Noise, Josh breaks down three different types of Facebook ads that every real estate agent should be running. Video Transcription One of the hardest… Read more »

Ep. 5: 4 Questions Your Website Should Answer

Your website needs to perform several functions. Before you design your site, it’s important to figure out what your brand is, and the way you want to portray yourself. Make a conscious effort to write the story of your business. You should literally sit down and compose the story of how you got to where… Read more »

Create a Clickable Call to Action on a Real Estate Landing Page

So prospects have made their way to your landing page. Now what? In order to nurture these leads instead of lose them, your page must be outfitted with a properly designed, actionable call to action (CTA). A CTA is typically a button that instructs or requests visitors to take action right in that moment. This… Read more »

Tips for Hosting a Fantastic Fall Open House

After a non-stop summer, the fall market can seem a little daunting for new agents. However, the change of seasons offers a great opportunity to freshen-up open house tactics, and ensure that your listings move as quickly as they did during the warmer months. Below are four different ways to take advantage of autumn, and… Read more »

7 Summer Home Improvement Ideas That Can Help Clients Add Value to Their Homes

When it comes to home improvement, many homeowners’ top priority is making changes that will improve their home’s functionality or appearance, but oftentimes there is less thought placed on the value these improvements add. As a real estate agent, you have an opportunity to highlight the importance of selecting improvements that will add long-term value… Read more »

Ep. 229: How to Thrive in a Low-Inventory Market with Kevin Scanlan

 Low Housing Inventory Strategies agents can use to find opportunities During his interview, Kevin Scanlan makes clear that unless agents adapt to becoming a listing-centric agent during this period of low housing inventory, they will go “extinct.” Simply put, you won’t make money unless you do. But it’s a bit of a chicken and… Read more »


A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Building a Personal Marketing Plan

Building a personal marketing plan can be a challenge, even if it’s only because not everyone understands what a personal marketing plan is. It’s not unusual to find writers and marketers using a variety of industry terms imprecisely. You’ll even find cases where they use words and terms with different meanings interchangeably. Words such as… Read more »

Embracing Changes in Your Real Estate Business

There are many reasons you may choose to make changes to your existing real estate business. Maybe you’re moving to a new city for a family commitment or as a precursor to retirement. Maybe you’re changing up your niche because of diminishing returns in your current business model. Whatever the reason for a shift in… Read more »


The 3 Best Facebook Ads for REALTORS®

Including one ad that delivers the motherlode of Facebook real estate leads You know real estate. It’s what you do. You enjoy it, you’re good at it, and you make a decent living at it. But, of course, you’d like to increase your annual GCI (what agent wouldn’t?), and you more than likely have been… Read more »


Here’s What Agents Should Be Posting on Instagram and Social Media

Who knew that when you became a real estate agent, you’d also have to become a prolific social media expert? Google is full of queries asking about real estate agents and what they should be doing on Instagram and social media: Does Instagram work for REALTORS®? How do I market myself as a REALTOR® on… Read more »