Here’s What Agents Should Be Posting on Instagram and Social Media

Who knew that when you became a real estate agent, you’d also have to become a prolific social media expert? Google is full of queries asking about real estate agents and what they should be doing on Instagram and social media: Does Instagram work for REALTORS®? How do I market myself as a REALTOR® on… Read more »

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Plan Your Professional Investments for 2021

The end of the year—and the beginning of a new one—is closer than you think. What do you have planned to make next year go smoother than this one and to help you optimize your business processes and procedures? Here are some of our favorite suggestions for updates and upgrades you should make before 2021…. Read more »

5 Tips New Luxury Agents Need for Marketing Luxury Homes

You don’t tell people you’re the best. You reveal it. According to Tim Seifert, SVP and head of annuity sales at Lincoln Financial Distributors, 50% of affluent consumers are brand neutral.[1] Let me repeat that . . . HALF of all affluent consumers are brand neutral. This means affluent clients are as likely to keep… Read more »


Elevate Your Client Follow-Up: 7 Reasons for Realtors® to Use a Personally Branded Magazine from ReminderMedia

Real estate agents know the importance of following up with their clients, but often find it challenging to execute consistently and effectively Top-producing real estate agents know that maintaining and expanding their client base is paramount to their success. While acquiring new leads is essential, the true gold lies in client retention and referrals. Referred… Read more »


3 Essential Steps to Branding Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

In the minds of many bloggers (and perhaps in the minds of many marketers and agents as well), branding yourself as a real estate agent and branding your real estate business are the same thing, so they discuss the two ideas in the same way regardless of what their blog titles may imply. These bloggers… Read more »


6 Proven Tips to Promote Your Roofing Company and Win More Clients

The roofing industry is highly competitive, with every potential client seeking the lowest prices and longest-lasting results. However, just about every building in your community needs the assistance of a roofing company from time to time, so there are plenty of people looking for services like yours. The first step to making sure your roofing… Read more »


Ep. 374: Top 5 Must-Have Real Estate Landing Pages

 Real Estate Landing Pages The landing pages every agent needs to create a reliable and steady stream of new leads Who should listen: Real estate agents wanting to know more about landing pages, the dos and don’ts for creating landing pages, and which are the best real estate landing pages to help them maintain… Read more »


A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Building a Personal Marketing Plan

Building a personal marketing plan can be a challenge, even if it’s only because not everyone understands what a personal marketing plan is. It’s not unusual to find writers and marketers using a variety of industry terms imprecisely. You’ll even find cases where they use words and terms with different meanings interchangeably. Words such as… Read more »

More Ways New Real Estate Agents Can Get Leads for Free

This is Part 2 in a series about lead generation for new real estate agents. You can get leads for free from more places and in more ways than you might have thought possible. This time, we go digital with Facebook. Like any new real estate agent, I remember what it was like to be… Read more »


The Only 3 Real Estate Content Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Image source Here’s the problem with nearly all articles promising to offer you real estate content marketing ideas . . . They offer lists (sometimes really long lists) of disjointed content ideas that are meant to help stimulate the creative side of your brain about the types of content you can create—blogs, videos, newsletters, and… Read more »