Top Health and Wellness Blogs for Insurance Agents to Share

As an insurance agent, you want to be able to share information with your clients that will help them in their daily lives. These broad, yet informative pieces get a conversation started between you and your clients. Share these free resources with your clients to get conversations started and maintain lasting, meaningful relationships that will strengthen your business.

Heart Health

Heart health

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for 1 in every 4 deaths. Early action is important in maintaining good heart health, so help your clients stay informed on how to best care for themselves.

Share the link: Advocate for Your Heart Health

Mental Health

A family makes dinner together

Not all health issues are visible ailments. Mental health is a huge topic right now in the media and healthcare centers worldwide. Recognizing symptoms of depression and other common mental health issues is important. Be the person who shares valuable resources about how and when to get help.

Share the link: Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

All About Allergies

A child is affected by allergies

More and more often, people are complaining about seasonal allergies. Pollen, dust, and other prime suspects are hard to avoid during seasons of transition, like spring. Share this blog about allergies to help clients understand why they occur and how to best treat them.

Share the link: All About Allergies

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Setting Goals and Resolutions

Printable goal planner

Everyone loves to set goals in January, but 80 percent of people fail to see these goals through, lasting until about January 12th. This blog about resolutions comes with a free printable planner to give clients an extra boost in tracking their growth and progress during the year.

Share the link: Resolutions Planner

Exercise Guidelines

A client exercises

Now that there is a plethora of research available on the benefits of exercise, it seems more people are heading to the gym. What people sometimes fail to realize sometimes is that it’s important to set limits to prevent overexertion. Share this blog to help your clients stay safe in their workout routines.

Share the link: How Much Exercise is Too Much?

Natural Nutrition

Healthy eating tips

Food is something everyone needs. You want to make sure your clients are loving food in the right way by taking nutrition into account with their meals and snacks. This helpful guide talks about foods that are good and bad for your health, pointing out what to avoid and which foods to include in a balanced diet.

Share the link: A Guide to Natural Nutrition

Information on Taking Supplements

Vitamins and supplements

Encourage your clients to keep track of their intake of essential vitamins and minerals, like iron and vitamin D. By sharing this blog, you’ll give them the scoop on what supplements they should consider if any of their levels are low.

Share the link: All the Basics About Supplements

Home Air Quality Improvement

Air quality improvements

Whether your clients just bought a house or have owned the same home for a long time, share this blog about improving air quality. As the blog will point out, a lot of illnesses either come from or are exacerbated by poor air quality in the home.

Share the link: Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

When sharing these blogs, it’s important to engage with your clients. For instance, when sharing the allergies blog on social media you could caption the repost, “Tag someone who has allergies and needs to read this!” This way, you’re not only giving your own clients the resource, but you’re also generating more leads. If you send a blog directly to a client via text and email, be sure to follow up later and ask how they liked it!

Written by Rachel Stevens

Avid researcher and content writer who loves chasing stories and coffee.