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Tips for a Successful Virtual Open House


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When it comes to throwing a successful open house, it’s important to offer your attendees both value and convenience. One of the best ways to do this is by allowing potential buyers to attend from the comfort of wherever they are.


Today on Above the Noise, Luke Acree gives three tips for hosting an amazing virtual open house on Facebook Live. To learn how to go live from your mobile device, click here.

Video Transcription

Alright, so you’re gearing up for a virtual open house on Facebook, but you realize you might need some help. Don’t worry: in this video, I have three tips for making sure that this event goes off as smoothly as possible.

Tip #1: Have a dress rehearsal.

Now, you don’t need to run through your actual presentation here. Just offer a little sneak peek at the property, so that you can see how everything looks, while also making sure that your equipment is going to work properly. You’re going to want to stage the property just like you would in an in-person showing. Think of this as your chance to figure out exactly how everything is going to look on camera, so that you can make any changes if you need to. Be sure to have a couple of your friends tune in when you go live at this dress rehearsal, so that you can ask them for their feedback. You want to find out, was the lighting sufficient? Could they hear you clearly? Ultimately, you’ll want to identify any potential problems ahead of time, so that, on the actual day of the presentation, you can focus on just showing the property.

Tip #2: Promote to a larger audience.

Since you’re hosting this open house on Facebook, you should definitely create a Facebook event to promote it. In this event, make sure you include all the information about the open house, such as the date and time. You’ll want to link to the listing of the property, so they can check it out. Be sure to invite all of your friends on Facebook to watch it, and then encourage them to invite people in their network. And, if you have a budget, guys, you can boost this event and promote it to get even bigger exposure.

Tip #3: Follow up with your leads.

One downside to hosting an open house virtually is that you’re not going to be able to pass around a sign-in sheet and get everyone’s contact information. But what you can do instead is, you can create a call to action. Ask your viewers to send you a direct message afterwards with their email address, and promise to send them something of value when they do that. Then, when your presentation’s over, send them an email with an overview of all the property details, but also include your digital magazine as a bonus. This is going to leave your listing top of mind.

The takeaway

And there you have it, guys. There are my three tips for throwing a successful virtual open house. If you’re looking for more actionable advice, please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Hit the bell icon to be notified when new videos are released. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. But, most importantly, take action on this today!

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