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Facebook Live is one of the platform’s most powerful features, yet very few pros are taking advantage of this new animal. In this episode, Luke will tell you how to get started and how to leverage your appearances to make more money.

Video Transcription

Guys today we’re talking about how do you utilize Facebook live for your business, obviously live videos are all the rage right now, and I’m getting questions all the time saying, “Luke how do I use Facebook live for my business?” so today I want to give you guys four practical applications as a REALTOR® where you can utilize Facebook live today.

Number one.

First one is: start hosting virtual open houses. You’re already doing open houses on the weekends, take it one step further next time at your open house turn on Facebook Live and do a virtual open house. Walk them through the house, showcase the outside of the house, but you really get to accomplish two things. One is you can attract a much larger audience that maybe couldn’t make it because of their schedule and then the next time you’re closing your listing you not only get to tell them that you do open houses you take it one step further and you do virtual open houses which attracts a much larger audience.

Number two.

Second area you can utilize Facebook live for your business is showcase the neighborhood. For me it’s so important as a home buyer to also know what I’m going to get into in the neighborhood so you can showcase the local park, local restaurants, that it’s walking distance to downtown. Paint a picture for me of what this area is like.

Number three.

Third way you can utilize Facebook live for your business is offer tutorials online. Maybe it’s how you get pre-approved for a mortgage or what the home buying process entails. This is your chance to showcase to your online friends that you’re the market expert, that you’re there to help them and guide it on the process so you can offer tutorials on Facebook live.

Number four.

The fourth and final area to utilize Facebook Live for your business is do a Q&A. This is really going to accomplish two things for you I love Facebook Live because it’s live. You can answer questions on the spot, maybe about a property or what the market’s doing but it also more importantly accomplishes that you actually are a human there for them, you’re their trusted advisor, you’re there for them every day, you can showcase that by being on Facebook Live.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys there’s four practical ways to utilize Facebook live for your business you like these tipsmake sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Take action on this today.

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