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How to Go Live on Facebook from Your Mobile Device


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Whether you’re looking to connect with new leads or maintain relationships with your current customer base, going live on social media is a great way to keep your business top of mind.


Today on Put a Pin in It, Andrea Tremper shows you how to go live on Facebook from your mobile device.

Video Transcription

If you’ve been looking for a great way to get more interaction with your social followers, Facebook Live is an awesome option. You can actually go live on your personal Facebook page or a business Facebook page, and it’s honestly never been easier.

So, on your mobile device, you’re going to go to your home page, and you’re going to click Publish—just like you would any other blog, picture, or video post.

On here, you’re going to type in your caption. So, we’re just going to do something quick and easy, like, “Going live has never been easier!” And once you have that all typed in, in the right bottom corner, there’s going to be a little red video camera icon. You’re going to hit that.

And then, another drop-down menu’s going to come up, and there’s going to be a few different options to post. You’re going to hit Live Video.

This is going to bring you to the camera, and you can either have it on yourself or an audience, depending on what you’re going to go live on. So, I’m going to flip the camera around to me, and we’re just going to hit Start Live Video.

Once you’re live, you can say hi to your audience, and you can say what you’re talking about. Give them a little behind-the-scenes action, maybe introduce yourself, depending on what you’re talking about. And then, as soon as you’re done with your live video, you’re going to hit the Finish button in the bottom right corner.

It’s going to say “Ending Live Video.” This screen is now going to give you a few different options. You can save your video by hitting the Download button in the top right corner, and that’ll save it right to your device. You can also post it, by, default onto your Facebook page, or you can delete it. Once you hit the Delete button, it just means that you went live that one time, and it won’t post to your Facebook page (and people will not be able to go back to it).

While you’re live, in the top left corner, you will see a number that pops up, and that’s going to explain how many audience members you have viewing live at the moment. Don’t get discouraged if it’s not a huge amount of people, because, if you do post it to your page after, that view number will increase. We always get a lot more views after the fact, because people can see it, and it stays up longer.

Another great feature of Facebook Live is that you can actually comment live during your Facebook video. So, if somebody comments that’s watching, you can answer them right from the video. It takes a little multitasking, but, once you get comfortable, you’ll get better at it.

The takeaway

And that’s it! It’s really that easy to go live on Facebook. If you found this video helpful, comment below and let me know. Make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @remindermedia. But, most importantly, put a pin in it.

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