4 Tips for Handling Objections in Sales

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It doesn’t take long working in sales to realize that objections are inevitable. More often than not, a prospect with have a million reasons why they don’t want to buy and very few reasons for why they think they should. As a salesperson, it’s your job to overcome those objections and convince the prospect why, in that moment, they need to buy.

In this episode of Above the Noise, director of sales Nick Bianco shares four confidence-boosting tips for successfully overcoming objections and improving your closing rate.

Video Transcription

Are you putting a ton of work into your sales process—working with a prospect for days, weeks, maybe even months—to get a deal to the finish line? Just to see it fall through because of some last-minute objection?

Today, we’re going to talk about how to make you a stronger salesperson by working on overcoming objections.

Number One

The first thing we want to talk about today: Don’t get scared. It sounds so simple, but every sale has objections. If objections weren’t part of the sales process, everyone would be in sales. This is your chance to show how good of a sales rep you are. Know that the objection is going to come, and be prepared.

Number Two

That’s our second tip: be prepared. You know that there’s three to five objections in any sale that you’re automatically going to get. Don’t worry about the random ones that creep up; those are not going to be the majority of the things you have to deal with. It’s things like the partner, I have to check my budget, let me think about it—things you’re going to get on a daily basis. Make sure you have your script, practice it, and be prepared to deliver your rebuttal to that objection.

Number Three

The third tip: be confident. This is the point in the buying process where your buyer is starting to get a little fearful. They aren’t sure if they want to move forward and they’re a little less confident. You need to be confident for them. They need reassurance at this point. Do not waiver. Be confident. Stand your ground.

Number Four

Lastly, with our fourth tip: ask for the order. So many reps freeze in this moment. They give their prospect more time to think about why they shouldn’t move forward. If you can transition from your rebuttal into asking for the order again, you’re going to show your prospects how confident you are that they’re making a smart decision with choosing to work with you today.

The takeaway

There you have it—four tips that will help you deal better with the sales objections you encounter. My name’s Nick Bianco, I’m the director of sales. If you like what you saw here, definitely start following us on YouTube, Facebook, check it out. But most of all, take action.

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