Top 5 Client Appreciation and Gratitude Strategies

When your goal is to earn a steady stream of new business from your past clients, you need to make gratitude a cornerstone of your outreach.

But sending a thank-you email simply doesn’t cut it anymore. In order to stay top of mind with your customers, you need to be willing to go the extra mile—keeping in touch with personal messaging focused on providing value to your clients.

Earn the respect of your customers with these memorable client appreciation ideas, and let them know you’re continually making them a top priority.

Be consistent.

Thank-You Card

Whether you’re keeping in touch through an email newsletter, with postcards, or by phone, you need to remember to follow up regularly. It’s great to send a thank-you email after a transaction, but too many businesses stop there—neglecting an organic opportunity to keep the lines of communication open.

Add your clients to your CRM or other database, and be sure to schedule regular follow-up calls or texts. If you helped them buy a house, ask them how things are going with their new home. If you’re managing their investments, ask them if they have any questions about their portfolio. But, above all else, thank them for their business and let them know you’re available to help with anything else they might need.

While you don’t need to overdo it by annoying your client base with constant appreciation, you risk losing your clients to another business if you’re not consistently following up.

Keep it personal. 

Keep It Personal

By now, you probably know some personal details about your client, and you may have even included them in your CRM. Use these details to inform your follow-up strategy.

Every few months, send along a card with a handwritten note. Pepper in those personal details that will let your clients know they aren’t just getting the same old letter you’re sending to everyone else.

If you know a major life event is coming up, send something that lets them know you’re thinking of them. Whether it be a child’s birthday, a graduation, or a wedding, they’ll know you took the extra time to tailor the message just to them, and they’ll feel much more appreciated.

Send thoughtful gifts.

Send Thoughtful Gifts

Everyone loves swag—especially when it’s free. Swag can be a great way to get your name out there, and customers will appreciate the extra measure you took to show your appreciation. Send coffee mugs, bottle openers, pens, shirts, and the like. Be creative while still sticking to your personal brand.

Looking to make a little more impact? Here are a few other ideas for gifts that will let you know exactly how much you appreciate them.

Ask for feedback.

Ask for Feedback

People want their input to be heard, no matter the business. They want room to give their ideas and constructive criticism. Make sure clients feel that they can open up to you with any thoughts or concerns by asking for their feedback. One way to do this is by creating a customer survey. You can easily do this by email, using a service like Survey Monkey.

If you implement their ideas, follow up with them and let them know. This will not only help them feel more appreciated but more invested in the success of your business.

Dedicate a social media post to them. 

Dedicate a Social Media Post to Your Clients

This is a simple, yet effective way to make clients feel appreciated while drawing more attention to your business.  Simply create a post on your platform of choice with a shout-out to one of your clients—this could be a text-only post or, if you have a few minutes to spare, a quick video—letting your followers know how grateful you are for this person’s business.

Every week, you can feature a new client and show your gratitude for that person. In most cases, they’ll be so excited to be featured that they’ll immediately share your post with their family and friends. This opens you up to more people who otherwise might not have known about your business.

These memorable client appreciation ideas won’t go unnoticed by your clients. With every single outreach, you’re letting them know that you’re one to go the extra mile, and more importantly, that you are the right person to work with.

Written by Rebecca Poole

Content writer with an affinity for all things pop culture.