Take Note of These Memorable Client Appreciation Ideas

Showing clients you care is important to maintaining that trust and ensuring they’ll continue doing business with you in the future. Sending a thank you email simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Earn the respect of your clients with these memorable client appreciation ideas that are sure to bring a smile to a client’s face, and will let them know you’re continually making them top priority.

Be consistent

Sending a thank you email once and then forgetting about it isn’t a good way to keep a client coming back for business. While you don’t need to overdo it and annoy your client base with constant appreciation, you still want to try and be as consistent with the thank you’s as you can.

Keep it personal

By now, you probably know some personal details about your client. Include them in the thank you message, so they know it’s not just a generic message that you’re sending to everyone. If you know a major life event is coming up, send something that lets them know you’re thinking of them. Whether it be a child’s birthday, a graduation, or a wedding, they’ll know you took the extra minute to tailor the message just to them.

Send gifts

Everyone loves swag—especially when it’s free. Swag can be a great way to get your name out there, and customers will appreciate the extra measure you took to show your appreciation. Send coffee mugs, bottle openers, pens, shirts, and the like. Be creative while still sticking to your personal brand.

Ask for feedback

People want their input to be heard, no matter the business—they want room to give their ideas and constructive criticism. Make sure clients feel that they can open up to you with any thoughts or concerns by asking for their feedback. If you implement their ideas, follow up with and let them know.

Dedicate a social media post to them

Choosing to spotlight one of your clients on social media could not only show that specific client you appreciate them, but will let others know that you’re consistently keeping your clients at the forefront of your business.

These memorable client appreciation ideas are noticeable to clients—letting them know that you’re one to go the extra mile, and more importantly, are the person to continue doing business with.

Written by Rebecca Poole

Content writer with an affinity for all things pop culture.