How to Show Appreciation to Past Clients


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Showing your clients that you care about them should continually be a priority. Your past clients are especially important, because these are people who know you and would probably work with you again, given the opportunity. Don’t put so much focus on potential clients that you forget about the people who helped you grow your business in the first place.

These tips will help you if you’re struggling to figure out the right way to show past clients that you appreciate doing business with them, and hope to continue doing so.

Put thought into it.

We always reiterate how people don’t want to be talked to in a non-personal manner, so if you reach out to a past client with a generic note, they’ll know you’re really just fishing for business. Reach out about a birthday, anniversary, or a special event you know they have coming up, and let them know you’re thinking of them.


Let them know what you’re up to.

While congratulating a past client on welcoming a new pet to the family (or whatever event it may be), in the same breath, let them know how business has been—any new listings, closes, or other milestones that have occurred since you last did business with them. This will keep you top of mind when they need an agent in the future.

Give out swag.

No shame in self-promotion—get your name out there with some creative swag. The more useful it is, the better (think pens, hats, tote bags, stress balls, etc.). A past client will appreciate the freebies, and every time they go to use one of your gifts, they’ll be reminded of your brand and business.

Give shout-outs on social media.

Don’t forget about the digital space, which should be used to optimize success with current and past clients. A fun way to engage with prior clients is by giving shout-outs on your social channels. Maybe you have a funny anecdote worth sharing that involves a past client, or you simply want to share why working with them was so great. Ask for permission before posting, but this can be a chance to really show someone you appreciated doing business with them.

Nurture your business relationships with these tips that will make past clients feel that much more valued.

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