5 Tactics for How to Get Insurance Leads (Top Producers’ Best Strategies)

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Why settle for a random list of tips for how to get insurance clients when you can get the most successful brokers and agents on the planet to give you their best strategies?

We’ve been fortunate to interview some heavy hitters on our Stay Paid podcast. Over the years, these guests have shared their most effective lead generation tactics responsible for their top-tier production.

In what follows, you’ll find crazy-good suggestions for how you can add more new insurance leads to your database.

Cody Askins: Use the triple dial

Tip: Dial three times in quick succession.

Cody Askins is the founder of Eight Percent Nation (a community of elite insurance professionals), the CEO of Cody Askins LLC, and the owner of Secure Agent Marketing. He’s also a renowned entrepreneur, speaker, author, and two-time Stay Paid podcast guest where he’s spoken about cold-calling and creating a top-ranking YouTube channel.

If you’ve ever pounded the phones, then you know about the double dial—call, hang up, wait 30 seconds, then dial again. Cody advises taking this tactic one step further by calling three times in quick succession. It creates an intense degree of curiosity that compels people to pick up.

You may be concerned that three calls are intrusive or about what someone’s reaction may be. But Cody shares some surprising information and a great tactic he shares that keep the call moving seamlessly forward.

Justin Brock: Include a hook

Tip: Ensure your Facebook ads have a hook.

Currently the CEO of Bobby Brock Insurance in Tupelo, Mississippi, Justin Brock is a former Marine and the founder of MedicareCon, a conference dedicated to helping Medicare agents grow their businesses. He’s also a nationally syndicated Medicare advisor and best-selling author with a goal to serve one million Medicare beneficiaries. At the time of his Stay Paid interview in mid-2023, he expected to bring in $15M in gross revenue for the year.

Among Justin’s primary lead-gen tactics—in fact, it’s a central tenet of his entire outlook—is to ensure he’s providing value and building relationships. During his interview, he explains the three core prongs to his genius business strategy: freely giving away information, supporting your community, and taking steps to help others.

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While you may not be able to host a conference or donate $60K worth of food to your community (yes, Justin’s company did that), you can provide value and attract leads with Facebook ads that include an enticing hook promising free and useful information. As Justin wrote to me, “Most people struggle with Facebook lead generation because there is no hook. Hooks can be benefit driven or lead magnets, but with nothing to entice someone to request information other than a ‘free consultation’ or a ‘quote,’ prospects are very unlikely to provide you with their contact info.”

Roger Short: Tell stories

Tip: Share true, detailed, and emotionally-relevant stories.

When you listen to Roger Short’s Stay Paid interview, you’ll immediately get a sense of how stories can grab an audience’s attention, hold it, remain with them, and, ultimately, be more persuasive than any statistic or unadorned fact.

In addition to being the chief visionary officer and managing partner at Impact Legacy Group, Roger is the cofounder and host of Life Insurance Academy, the #1 life insurance podcast on the web. Stories, he says, allow us to communicate with people’s hearts, minds, and souls—in other words, they are a way to connect with people in emotionally powerful ways.

Roger demonstrates this through his tale about one man’s motive for buying a life insurance policy and how it convinced him that selling life insurance is work that makes a difference. Imagine sharing a similar story with your audience in a presentation, conversation, social media post, or video. You’ll soon see how a well-crafted narrative—one told with details and conviction—can not only attract leads but also convert them.

John Wetmore: Swap leads


Tip: Exchange old leads with your peers.

As a managing partner at Integrity Marketing Group, John Wetmore will tell you that what pushes him is pushing agents to become the producers and business owners they strive to be. And it’s a strategy that works. Last year, his agents sold an average of 10,000 policies every month. That’s $130M in paid annual premium—a number he expects to double by the end of 2023.

You can hear John explain his “take no prisoners” approach to cold-calling when you listen to his Stay Paid interview, but he also offered an exceptionally practical tip when I asked him recently how to get insurance leads:

“For decades, I’ve advised agents to swap leads—it’s one of the most lucrative ways to generate cash and resolve all leads. I’d have 20 agents bring in 100–200 leads each week that were old, told them ‘no,’ were missed sales, or otherwise were a dead end. Agents would then swap these leads among themselves. I recently recommended swapping leads to an agent who contacted me on Instagram. He suggested it to other agents he knew, and in two weeks, he made more than $5K in commissions.”

Joe Kampert: Get promoted


Tip: Provide value that allows clients to reciprocate.

When the question is about how to generate insurance leads on Facebook, Joe Kampert is the person to ask. Joe and his father founded the Redwood Agency Group in Austin, Texas, and he also runs “The Insurance Syndicate,” a private Facebook group of more than 7,000 insurance professionals representing verticals from across the industry. Its goal is to help agents and brokers leverage strategic referral relationships, stimulate collaboration, and share information in an honest, fully transparent environment.

In his podcast interview, Joe remarks that “We’re living in a virtual world,” which makes using social media to get insurance leads a necessity. And the way he’s grown his Facebook group is the same way he generates leads—he gets referred.

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Joe suggests that when it comes to insurance lead generation—whether it’s life insurance leads, health insurance leads, home insurance leads, or other types of insurance leads—find people you resonate with, want to do business with, and are currently doing business with and have them promote you. Literally ask them to tag you and talk you up. But first, you need to lead with value if only because when you help someone, you instill in them a desire to reciprocate.

He explains, “You always have to lead with value. Do something right by them first.” Whether it’s in business, friendships, or other relationships, before you ask someone to tag or promote you, you must first make sure you’ve made an impact. If you don’t, and someone suggests you’re great to work with, “that’s just false advertising.”

Bonus tip: Stay top of mind

I don’t need to tell you that one of the most expensive, laborious, and soul-killing ways to add leads to your database is to buy insurance leads and make endless cold calls—especially when you already know that the very best insurance leads come from client referrals. The difficulty is staying top of mind with consistency and value your clients appreciate, use, and look forward to receiving. That’s where we can help.

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