Ep. 456: The Only Growth Strategy That Never Fails (with Justin Brock)

Beyond Transactions: How Prioritizing Value Builds Brands Customers Will Love and Trust

At any given time, only 3% of your audience is ready to buy from you today, so it’s important to develop a strategy that will keep the other 97% in your pipeline. A key component of that strategy should be activities that build relationships, such as providing value, building communities, and giving back.

It wasn’t long ago that businesses focused primarily on making sales and increasing revenue—often at the expense of their customers’ satisfaction. Today, however, in the age of social media and online reviews, customers have the power to make or break a brand. It’s why businesses are well-advised to build relationships with their target audiences in ways that encourage customers to know, like, and trust them.

A great example of this is ReminderMedia (Stay Paid‘s sponsoring company), which both helps clients implement this strategy and practices what it preaches. It promotes relationship marketing, and this podcast is one of the ways it provides value to its target audience—by offering useful and entertaining information entrepreneurs and small businesses want. In the process, ReminderMedia promotes its authority, builds an audience, and benefits from the principle of reciprocity that freely giving something away encourages.

This week’s guest, Justin Brock, applies the same strategy in similar ways. Justin is the owner and CEO of Bobby Brock Insurance as well as the founder of MedicareCon, an increasingly popular conference for intermediate agents and smaller agency owners in the Medicare space. Justin’s allegiance to providing value to his audience and giving back to his community has earned him an enviable brand reputation and business income. (This year, he’s expecting $15M in gross revenue.)

During Justin’s interview, he shares why providing value makes sense as a long-term strategy for business growth along with examples of what he’s done to earn his audience’s trust and loyalty.

Additionally, he explains the emphasis he’s placed on marketing his brand across multiple channels and the additional brand equity his approach has generated for him and his agency.

You’ll also hear about the next MedicareCon conference scheduled for 2024 and what attendees can expect from the roster of high-quality agents, sponsors, and speakers who will be there as well.

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