Ep. 385: A Different Way to Use Facebook Groups (with Joe Kampert)

Facebook Groups

The Social Media Tool Small Businesses Need to Be Using

Who should listen: Small business owners who want to explore the power of Facebook groups to recruit, increase their influence in their industries, and grow their businesses.

Key idea: When you provide value, whether it’s in the form of information, service, favors, inspiration, kindness, or something else, you will receive far more than what you give. The key is to care.

Joe Kampert is one-half of the father-and-son team that founded Redwood Agency Group in Austin, Texas, and while he may look 15, this guy is as passionate about what he does as any guest we’ve ever had.

One day, Joe got an idea to disrupt the insurance industry . . .

He and his father created The Insurance Syndicate, a Facebook group that has organically brought together more than 5,000 insurance professionals from across all verticals within the industry. Members pose problems, offer solutions, and help each other by sharing best practices. The key to the group’s success is that they do all this with full transparency; if there’s a secret sauce, they’re sharing the recipe.

The group has also been a way for Joe and his father to grow their business by hiring agents in locations across the country to help clients with all their insurance needs.

During his interview, we ask Joe a number of questions, including:

  • How do you cope with the disappointments and setbacks when trying to scale a business?
  • What inspired you to build The Insurance Syndicate, and how did you grow it so quickly?
  • How do you meet the variety of needs in such a large and diverse audience?
  • What do you look for when recruiting people to join the Redwood Agency Group, and how do you inspire them to join you?

Joe’s responses are all on point, but one thing you’ll notice across the board about Joe is his enthusiasm for generosity and tenacity. More than once, he says something so pithy and powerful that his words should be printed on bumper stickers and t-shirts. He leaves little doubt that a significant part of his success is his willingness to give until it hurts and, as he puts it, to break things along the way.

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